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*P.S when God was blessing others with the gift of height, He left me out realizing that great things come in tiny packages, so instead I am gifted with endless energy and a big wide smile to get through difficult times.

Forever & always, a child of God. Through this cozy little virtual haven, I hope each post inspires at least someone out there with my life stories.

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After NOVIR Dinner, Jiejie came to school to meet me. Did makeup and change clothes (felt so weird to do it in school!) & headed down to Raffles Place.

On the way, on the Train :>

Love Butter, compared to the other clubs. Not too big and quite familiar with this. Perhaps this is where I gave my virgin clubbing experience to so that's why I'm so attached to it. Good memories! but that's besides the point... haha!
The crowd!

Basically, TP invaded Butter that night.

I went cause of Zhijun's birthday, but somehow we managed to get on Presley/Jason's guest list VIP! Jason's birthday celebrations' clubbing as well ^^

So anyways, VIP for us. Take, why not right!

The Girls

Cheryl Darling!



My dear girls!

Blur effect but nice right!

Okay, so we queued up for drinks since it's Ladies Night = Free drinks for ALL ladies. Keep queuing with Zaxe she damn auntie. HAHA kidding~ But yes, we literally kept queuing until it was time out for free drinks. Her logic: GET DRINKS, DRINK UP, GET HIGH LATER SO CAN DANCE > Good tactic!

The drinks counter where ladies queue for their drinks

While queuing, I saw familiar faces like Sara Zhao! Woah, long time no see & of all places, LOL!


After awhile, I was quite restless. The girls were hopelessly drunk. I had to go to the VIP area to laze on the sofa. I mean, how many times in the club you get to do that right! I just had to! haha!

This is what I saw on the table that night...

Lots of drinks!
The manager of the club's event night is Presley's friend & was told he opened 9bottles for us to drink. WOW.


So here's basically what I did for the night.

After slacking awhile on the comfy seats at VIP area + take afew shots with my lousy & blur pic camera... I...

Dance until 2am. Went up to the 'Podium' area cause I was with the girls, they were crazy I told you! So I went up there with them. Peak eye view. BUT it made you 'OMG I CFM GOT TO DANCE' -.- Damnass. haha!

Was done and bored by 2am.
Lost the girls after toilet with VanVan. So slacked again until 2.15am.
Helped Sabrina out of the club with the guys. Was already 2.30am.
Didn't feel like going back in, so went to view the Singapore river. Kinda nice & peaceful^^ I like!
Talked to Matt Leo & Marcus.

Clubbing @Butter - Lights out at 3am.

Cabbed home with Cheryl, Presley & Chester. Those nice guys paid for the cab! THANK YOU!
Sent Cheryl home first cause she had SIP the next day.

4am supper at Siglap w the guys!


The guys were so nice please!
I was like 'HUH NO NEED LA' cause normally 1am 2am which is darker than 4am, I also ownself walk in.
But, they really insisted on walking me back home. The longway into my house. Almost died of guilty-ness. But thankgod, they were fine with it! (: At least...

THANK YOU SO V MUCH! Appreciate it!

So that marks another of my clubbing experience + with different group of friends.


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