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*P.S when God was blessing others with the gift of height, He left me out realizing that great things come in tiny packages, so instead I am gifted with endless energy and a big wide smile to get through difficult times.

Forever & always, a child of God. Through this cozy little virtual haven, I hope each post inspires at least someone out there with my life stories.

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Final Year, Baby!


I can't believe I'm a Year 3 when school reopens! & what's even more unbelievable is how I managed to survive through Freshie & Junior year! :/ It feels like yesterday that I just entered TP as a Freshie! Getting good grades to top it off plus awesome memories with my cca mates, to make the deal even sweeter like strawberries and whipcream on ice cream.

After going through and surviving the other subjects I don't like but have no choice... such as Accounting, Econs, Business Finance, Stats etc...

I said this before & I'm gonna say this again: I wanna show the world how my group is so special & different from the rest, because we have GOD and we place him in the centre of our lives. And, 'show' meaning I don't have to share Christ with them yet they will ask me about it. I find that really a testimony of lives because we are the walking bibles, like what my pastor once said.

Every start (& I think end) of the Semester, I definitely will come up with such a post... to prepare my mind soul and heart for school. The feeling of each start of Sem is different... & this time, I know deep down in my heart & at the back of my mind... Year 3 will be very different from the past 2 years. So much more maturity placed into the subjects we are gonna be taking, such as being able to work with real-life clients and of course, the oh so awesome internship that all of us will be embarking on. Teachers tend to expect more of you, give you more leeway & freedom because they see you more of a young adult instead of school kids whom need to be spoon fed with information. Idk if it's a good thing or not. Their job is much simpler I can say, but for me since I like PBL so I guess it's fine so long they give me some sort of guidance!

Like every start of the semester, I would say, I don't know how the semester will turn out like, but I know it will turn out just fine, because I trust in GOD. No doubt, I forsee myself having many break downs sessions, HTHT sessions, but I would choose to believe that those things are little steps to make me a stronger person in Christ & also, they are chances for miracles to happen. How can miracles happen without any troubles right?

I guess tomorrow will be the same in terms of routine. Entering TP, meeting my closer friends and going into LTs. Nothing changes, except for the clothes I'm wearing, the bag I'm bringing and my lecturer and of course, the subject. Haha! But oh wells, what's different will be my heart. So, I'm setting my heart right for school tomorrow. That's MY way of preparing myself for school.

I'll openly make the same old prayer rather than just type a few paragraphs of words.

Dear God,
Please let me be a blessing to those around me. Use me lord, Use me in your plans to impact lives. I want to show the world that I have GOD in my life. I have many roles to play in this society. I would say I'm a leader, a child, a student, a friend and the list goes on. In the past, I would also say AND I'm a child of God. Now, I would say BECAUSE I'm a child of GOD. It's you lord, that made all these juggling of roles possible. I can't do it by myself because I know I may screw things up halfway. But, I'm confident of doing them well now, because I know since you put me to it, to any test, you will put me through it. And by doing so, I can gladly be a living testimony.

I would love to take joy in whatever I do, be it projects or even things I don't like. To take pride and joy to do it, in your name. I know this year would turn out fine. Just bless me and I'll be a nicer kid to the rest by blessing them around me! I'll be your vessel and hopefully, my teachers and friends can tell a child of god is actually very different from the rest. Grant me the purest of hearts so that I won't judge my new classmates and teachers. I'll try not to! Also, grant me an awesome class with awesome project mates whom I can work with in peace and still score well. It's crucial for me next semester. God, you know me best, from the day I was born, well, you gave life to me. ONLY you know what's in stored for me because it's your plan and you hold the wheel of my life. I'll gladly take the back seat for I know what's in stored for me is a great masterpiece, a great work of yours waiting to be fulfilled.

To be a salt and light and a blessing is what I aim to be this Semester! It's not going to be a bed of roses I am sure, but I will try and be a better kid! :D


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