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*P.S when God was blessing others with the gift of height, He left me out realizing that great things come in tiny packages, so instead I am gifted with endless energy and a big wide smile to get through difficult times.

Forever & always, a child of God. Through this cozy little virtual haven, I hope each post inspires at least someone out there with my life stories.

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NUS Business Competition: Start-Up Singapore

On a really early morning, I was awaken by my alarm!
I saw my handphone and there were 20 sms-es and more than 20 missed calls from TOM! I was so bimbotic, I asked him to give me wakeup calls and I actually set my hp to Silent. What a thing to start my morning!

Nevertheless, I got out of the house and met the guys at Potong Pasir MRT. I wasn't that late, luckily!

Jane and her Dad met us at the Taxi Stand and her dad sent us to NUS Business School.
We were early by ard half an hour (Luckily we decided to meet earlier!), but we got LOST, literally. (See, everything happens for a reason!) Cause her dad dropped us off at a place we thought we Business School, turns out to be The school's Library :/ So we looked at the map and wanted to walk, already knowing it was too far. Thank God, we saw a shuttle bus (A1) that goes within NUS itself. I remember researching 'How to get that' and it mentioned something abt Bus A1 being able to go Business school, so we confirmed with the driver being hopping on it. We eventually managed to reach the place we supposed to be!

Seeing all the signs they put up, made us relieved... At least, we know we are on the right track. The place doesn't look very friendly, totally NOT the type of school I want to be in. & stepping on the NUS grounds, confirmed my doubts about entering NUS.

We reached the registration place and was early still, despite being lost.
We were really YOUNG as expected, because everyone else looked older than us and filled with professional experiences.

Anyways, they told us registration would be delayed so we went to the canteen for breakfast and rest/relax session.

Jane & I

OMG, don't focus on the blings on my laptop, but this pic is evidence of a Gaming laptop VS a Pretty good-for-work laptop. His laptop is freaking big. Mine's already a little bigger than the normal-sized ones! :/

We then went to register and signed Indem forms. Being younger than 21, we needed parents signature, so we had no choice but to forge openly...

But, omg, look at what Tom did, which made Jane laugh so hard!
Click & Zoom in on the 'Signature' part - Mummie. WTH!

Oh yes, upon registration, we were told we could get F-R-E-E membership for NEBO cards as well. Have been wanting to sign up since 2 years ago, but didn't (IDK WHY ALSO, but okay... now we did, see, everything happens for a reason! God is Good!). Being typical Singaporeans, we went to the NEBO booth excitedly and filled in forms (:

Went into the Lecture Theatre. It was really BIG and CLASSY. I like it, much nicer than what you get in the Polytechnics.
The only thing is it's such an irony. The building exteriors look so old, yet the LT is quite nice... let's just say, comparing to what I expect after seeing the exteriors (:

We were given the 3 industries, which were sucky!
Social Enterprise, IDM, CleanTech! The last one is definitely OUT!

After the opening speech and an industry talk, it was an early lunch.
I was already bored during the talk, I can't believe it! So... I was looking forward to lunch!

The long queue. Initially, noone started eating because all the covers were not open. Really typical Singaporeans man! Until, I guess the organisers opened it...

I really love the spread of food. All to my liking thro the standard isn't that good!

This is what I took for myself...

My Lunch
Spammed the TOUFU (My Fav! I took 13 of it) and Vegetables. Freaking big portion, greedy me! haha!

As we were going back to get 2nd helping of the food, we saw that there were desserts coming out. Out timing very good right! haha!

It just looks so good. Really, to our expectations, it was good! Not the best fruit tart I have ever tasted, but nice enough to satisfy us, after a full lunch!

After lunch, we went back in for the other 2 industry talks. As you know me, I was really bored. Especially, with that type of topics which totally doesn't interest me. PLUS, it was really too 'CHIM' to understand. Everyone else around us seems to be listening very attentively, that's what you get from Uni students and working adults. I honestly HAD NO IDEA what the speakers were talking about, please don't label me as a Bimbo though. haha! Okay, I felt dumb but comforted myself by thinking 'This is just really NOT IN OUR LEAGUE!'

One of the talks ; IDM

After the talks, we were given 1 hr to discuss our ideas and choose which Industry we want to work on. We chose Social Enterprise, of course... And, at this point, we were already thinking of withdrawing from the competition.

I think this competition is serious business, like if you win, you really have to set up a real business. And 4 of us thought it was just writing a Business Proposal. Full-Stop. Not really want start-up a new business from scatch... CRAZY AH WE STUDYING WHERE GOT TIME SIA! :X Maybe, next time! (:

Anyways, after an hour, we went in for the talk on 'How to write Business Plan'. It's not the normal ones we learn in school or were exposed to in my entire life. The one they required is more in-depth, having to include IP, copyrights, step by step detailed procedure about how we are going about to start the business. ABSURD FOR US. We were even more agreeable about leaving. However, at the back of our minds, we didn't want to give up without even trying!

Anyways, I really doze off for this! I wanted to be awake to listen because at least I know what's a Business Proposal, compared to the other 2 industry talks... but too bad for me, I fell asleep :/ The speaker was too monotonous already, we need better speakers, no offence! Good speakers in my perspective, are the ones that can capture my attention, and I repeat... MY attention.. because I have SHORT ATTENTION SPAN.

Here's the Story:

Jane & I then left for church, leaving the guys to bid for the 'Industry' at 6pm.

We would leave church early so that we could go back to find them before 8.30pm - The bidding results and group presentation allocation for the next day... On the way there, we were considering whether we should come back or not actually...... We decided to... since we spent so long in NUS already, but.... in the end, we DIDN'T!

At service, it was the time we set 'to leave early' then we called the guys to ask the situation there. Jane & I were agreeing that we would leave it up to GOD on whether we should go back or not. The deal is if we get 'Social Enterprise', means GOD wants us to go back, if not, means HE doesn't want us to go back - No point we go back also, cause the other 2 we know nuts about it!

So......... Tom told us that 'Social Enterprise' was taken within 5 mins -.- So we were left with IDM.


We said okay, can try... but he said maybe got hope we still can get Social Enterprise, cause 1 grp just withdrawn... but anyways, he would call us back to confirm again at 7.30pm...

See, Social Enterprise 1 spot left (But was taken also) and IDM is now full as well.

So we stayed on in Service. Then after awhile we called them again since they didn't call back. Tom was like 'Eh we withdraw okay' because... in the end, we cannot get the bid for social enterprise replacement, and yes, he said we were left with Clean Tech.

I literally looked at Jane and replied 'OKAY SET! WITHDRAW!'


Being very typical Singaporeans, this is a snippet of our conversation...

Jane: Aiya okay la, at least we got free NEBO card!

Sam: YES & LUNCH! Like buffet leh. Totally worth it, no lost, nevermind...

JANE & SAM -Looks at each other at that same second-: EH NO LEH! NOT FREE! WE PAID!!! (FYI, we paid the organisers a S$10 deposit EACH and upon withdrawal of the competition, we cannot get the deposit back) LOL!

But you see, it's still okay, cause the NEBO card + Lunch worth more than S$10 already

I knew it was God's will! After making that decision, Jane & I were super relived! Like a burden off our shoulders. God is Great! We could continue with our lives, she can go chalet the next day and I could go dinner with my church and also, have time to prepare my presentation for the next day.

Best part, I invited Jane to the Dinner 'Party' with my church peeps. (The next entry!)

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