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Movie Review: 'You Again'

Caught the premiers of ‘YOU AGAIN’ at Orchard Cineleisure! This movie doesn’t have lots of advertisements as yet, if I’m not wrong. So I was quite honoured to be able to watch it beforehand!

Met up with Yu Xiu at Somerset and decided to go get Starbucks fix at Wisma!
Went back to get our premier screening tickets from the ladies at Frolick afterwhich :> Excited!

Soon, Jun Siang came to join us

We went to get BEST FRIES FOREVER!
(Click to view Food Review)

Saw Christine who was working there! What a small world. And, the perks? She gave us a free mango juice! Thanks Babe! (:

Took the escalator up to the cinemas and we waited for Anthony while Jun Siang went in to get seats for us, since it's free seating! haha!

Movie Review:

I walked into the cinema with a light-hearted mood, and I never regretted doing that. Well, because this movie is a brainless comedy. But I like it that way. The plot wasn’t too serious, complicated or anything close to that. In fact, it was the opposite, with a very simple yet humorous storyline. It is just funny, yes, good for laughs and really easy to understand!

On a more unbiased and professional note, the part romantic comedy, part high school teenage saga, the movie lacks a strong plot, direction, technique and most importantly, originality and the uniqueness it needs to stand out from other chick flicks.

‘You Again’ as the title goes, is about meeting the person once again and obviously in this movie it wasn’t a good first encounter after so many years graduating from high school, because back then, the girls were competing against each other. Or in another case, the typical story of a bully and a victim.

Cliché as it is, it wasn’t a very fabulous movie for me. I have watched better chick flick movies. It really is about how the ‘victim’ wants to take revenge because the ‘bully’ pretends to forget her in high school as if nothing has ever happened and refused to apologise. However, after the very fierce and embarrassing revenge, the bully reflects and sincerely apologizes... with those typical emotional scenes and then the victim feels sorry for her plight (She literally sat in front of the fridge doors open, crying very regretfully, and 'indulged' in everything that she could find in there - lots of high carbs food), so eventually they patched up and it was a happy ending.

Don't get me wrong, I like happy endings, but I found the whole movie not realistic. Well, because there was too much of a coincidence. Can you imagine, you were ‘rivals’ with a girl at highschool because she bullied you. And years down the road, your mum were ‘rivals’ with your rival’s aunt as well. Of so many people back in high school, the 2 pairs were related? And to support my point, it was a bad ending because it turns out both families’ grandmother were ‘rivals’ at school as well. It left me thinking ‘Am I supposed to laugh?’ I guess they could have given a better ending to the already cliché ending by not adding on another coincidence.

The directors or perhaps sound director was smart to put suitable songs in the movie, which I thought brings up the excitement level in the movie. For example, when the family was dancing to “Toxic” by Britney Spears. Most people know her, and would probably agree that “Toxic”, being very catchy, is a good dance song.

This movie is a perfect pick-me-up for anyone who needs some cheering up or wants to relax after a long day.

To just give the concluding statement(s);

This movie is good for distressing or if you are in simply for a good laugh because the plot itself is quite brainless in the sense that as I said, is cliché like any chick-flick movies. Just don’t expect too much out of it and you will enjoy yourself!

Sam, Anthony, Yu Xiu, Jun Siang

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