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Eye Care Review - Garnier Skin Naturals (Eye Roll-On)

Being a victim of staying up in the night just to complete my projects or homework, I suffer from its consequences of having dark eye rings. Erm, something I do not wish to have but it’s a fact of life. Thus, I’m always on the look out for a good eye care product which can either lighten or remove those dark eye rings! I haven’t found any good product in particular thus far (Anyone can recommend?!) but I’ve tried quite a few.

FYI, & I do not mean makeup like foundation just to COVER up. I want to CURE it as much as possible. Haha!

A month ago, I bought this (Look at the picture below!)



What really made me go for this product?

It’s marketing advertisement again. Haha, it portrays itself as easy to use. I must admit I agree totally. It’s really easy to use! No doubt on that. HELLO! You just got to open its cap and roll it on your eye bags. Who doesn’t know how to use it.

The good thing about it is my eyes feel very refreshed and I felt very awake once I apply it. It’s true! Also, it has this __ smell, filled with herbs. This made me think that the stuffs I’m applying on my eyes are actually GOOD. I like it ^^

BUT since its function supposed to lighten eye bags, erm, that I do not agree.
I have been using it for quite some time daily, but I don’t really see a difference. Maybe it’s just me, but for the first week, I tried to psycho myself by thinking it works. When it didn’t, I told myself to give it some time, some credit. Time will determine everything. But yes, it still didn’t lighten. I don’t know if its just me because through I’m using it, I face the computer and stay up late everyday. So maybe for those who are currently using this product and make it a point not to stay up late, could share with us your reviews about the product?

Again, don't base your purchase of it on my review. I say BUY IT, TRY IT & FIND OUT FOR YOUSELF! This time, for this stick of thing it’s not very cheap. Affordable through, but its priced at S$19.90 when I bought it. If I’m not wrong, the price has dropped or they are having some promotions so right now it may be at around S$15.90!

Try it if you are thinking of deciding if it’s good or not!

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