Hi there! I’m Samantha,

and this space encompasses my personal milestones made beautiful in His time. Combining my flair for easy-to-read writing and my love for photography, here you'll find me sharing the thing I'm most passionate about - travel, food, fashion and my conversations with God.

*P.S when God was blessing others with the gift of height, He left me out realizing that great things come in tiny packages, so instead I am gifted with endless energy and a big wide smile to get through difficult times.

Forever & always, a child of God. Through this cozy little virtual haven, I hope each post inspires at least someone out there with my life stories.

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That's what a being a GL is all about.

It's really an honor to be a GL, a TP GL.

P is for pi pa gao (TOTALLY, our diet consisted of pi pa gao & honey lemon)

I say O, is for oolong tea

I say L, is for lepak there (point maincomm)

I say Y, is for you shut up

We’re gonna shut shut shut shut shut you up! X2

We’re gonna, shut you up! DIAM!

Just kiddinggggggggg.

Freshmen Orientation is one of the biggest event for TP yearly. Woah, you really miss out the TP FUN & LOVE if you didn't go for FOW/FOC. The empires can bond from freshie year until you graduate okay! I didn't regret going for FO as a freshie last yr & as a GL this year. Why I joined as a GL? I was super touched by what my GLs did last yr & I really want to continue to pass down the TP love & joy & experience to my freshies, afterall some of them have graduated & new people have to take over, right? Compared to last year, I am super sure that my GLs did a better job than me, but I'm glad that the freshies enjoyed their camp. FO changed my dimension of camps, I never been to such camps until I came to TP, honestly. But, I'm glad I did.

Looking back at the entry I wrote last year, when I was a freshie.

Thank you ZETTEN GLs!

I really loved my GLs cause they were a nice bunch of people!

TP is really one of the best places of earth. It's more than a school that we go to, it's like a family, a home. TP students just have this special bond within them that you know you can say 'YOU KNOW YOU ARE A TP STUDENT WHEN...._________(Fill in e blanks with the TP routine, etc)'!/group.php?gid=208912258919&ref=search&sid=706803664.4062059817..1


Early morning, 1!

Make sure my tou fa bu hui luan, 2!

Put make up I’m a chio bu, 3!

After everything, we sibeh swee,

Freshies freshies, look at me,

After we say 1, 2, 3,

Yo li sa, Huat ah X2

Yo li sa, Huat ha ha ha!

Boys: GLs eh, all the chio bu show your pretty face

Girls: Sat sat eh, you all sibeh yandao walan eh

Boys: GLs eh

Girls: Sat sat eh


We could go home after that(:

Report in the morning the next day.


Breakfast @ MENSA


At night, debreifing - Heart to Heart Talks, Trash Talks, CRY CRY CRY during debriefing. All just say what they want to, like a load of our minds. I didn't cry, honestly, until I turn 360degrees and I saw everyone else crying. I still didn't. No point crying over spill milk like what I always say... cry for what? But, when we were running our for MASS GL debrief, I cried. It was just too overwhelming...

We promised to just give the camp our 200% for the next 2 last days.

& to lead the grp , take more initiative!!!


+ performance night.


Every other empire talked abt how they formed & how they are the best among the rest.

NOVIR, however, talked about how we GLs motivated them, freshies. It was super DUA LOVE pls! All the GLs cry & sweat like non-stop. That's the gratitude that you get as a GL. Made everything we do much more worthed it.

GLs performed.

We did the THAI 'SABAI' song.






CHECK THIS OUT!!/video/video.php?v=412319557782&ref=mf

JAM & HOP afterwhich.


I didn't really join in(:

Personally, don't like.

FOW Freshies came back. So Sweet!!!

They bought for us bottles of PIPAGAO & STREPSILS cause they know 6days camp, and we are really losing our voices alr. Made me wonder why I didn't do that for my GLs last yr :( OMGGG! haha! Petrina & the other FOW Freshies wrote us a card as well:) Sweet right!




Project POOF.

Wrote cards for Year 3 GLs, during parts of Final Clash.



We ended camp with an appreciation to the YEAR 3 GLs then for the last time, the TP Routine (Mass Dance, Chicky Dance, Handsign Song, School Song)!

It's their last year of FO. It means a lot to them. It's the feeling you get when you say your previous year's empire cheer at a different FO year. Everyone gathers back together & revive the empire love. While watching the videos & a few of them sharing their 'journey in tp' with the rest of us, most of us teared. I mean when you are a Year 1 or freshie, you may be thinking 'Why are these weird people crying like noone's business? The video so boring, don't even have my photo. Aiya, sleep la'. But, to the Year 3s, leaving TP is like leaving their comfort zone.

We had individual empire debriefing.


Every empire's year 1 & 2s appreciated the year 3s, & yes, all of us despite in different empires, ended up crying. The year 3s really are an awesome bunch of people, giving up their holidays to come help out as a GL for FO, teaching the younger GLs like us what to do & all. Woah, really, THANK YOU!

Yup, for Novir, we did like an award ceremony style sorta thing!:)

& some songs!

Like PENG YOU & our edited version of the Graduation song.

Lyrics below... :)



TP GOT STANDARD RIGHT? Copyrighted. Blah.

Programme programme, sibei ho

Sit down, make game, all they know

Log comm. Log comm., not lok kok

Give us items fast chop chop

F. double O-D-M-I-N

Foodmin always do time check

One day 4 meals make us fat

GLs GLs, we not shag

FO 6 days, we don’t slack

Freshies freshies, Lets go MAD!



Dear Novir,

I have got alot to say to each and every one of you. but im not good at words, which is why i always ended saying things that are not nice to hear and 24/7 crying for the past few days. however i really hope i can express myself fully and clearly through this note to everybody!

firstly, i would like to thank you everybody, FAs, GLs and freshies. because this 7 days of freshmen orientation have been the best days of my life. in case some of you dont know, i havent been to my very own freshmen orientation (which i really really regretted) thus there is alot of things that i dont know and really need to learn. im super grateful to have all of you to guide, and support me. :D

secondly, i know that throughout the FO period, i havent been saying things that are encouraging or motivating to you all or even crediting any of you. but i want all of you to know that your efforts didnt go down to the drain. because its all in my hearts, i saw and remembered every single thing that you guys did and i really appreciate it alot alot. :D

thirdly, i would also like to apologise if i have attitude any of you, or show you guys black faces. (which i believed i really did) and also being uptight and not cheering with you all! and sincerely sorry to all my freshies from FO, because i havent got the chance to talk to most of you all, which im quite upset about. but i promised i will make an effort to remember each and every one of your names and talk to each and every of you all. sorry if im really crying too much, way too much to an extent that you only remember i cried.

DAY 0:

it was an internal meeting between the FAs and the subheads and myself. i apologised to weixin and izzad for waiting so long with an empty stomach! and i want to thank ivy for rushing down to orchard to get the paint and stencil. :D thanks farhan for cutting out the stencil for us! thanks everybody for your help if not, we wouldnt be able to rush out the shirts within one day! :D and the super cute mascots that we have, hahahah! (inside jokes)

DAY 1-6

it has been a very hectic and tiring 6 days for all of us! but im super happy and grateful that no matter how shag, tired, cranky we are, we backed one another up! :D we had alot of special moments that other empires didnt have, like special empire mascots (one with bow, one with super long tail, one with humpback, and one with wings), using our identity shades to cover our eyes so we can sleep during debrief, project poof (P square), Sabai Sabai, piss me off, like a sum bo dey, prist prist, korean dance, uncranking one another, doing tp routine at 6.30am when everybody else is sleeping and not to forgot our 5 out of 6 days crying session. i will never forget how much we HTHT at the squash court and how much we cried together as one novir and not alone. and how we cheered and cry at the same time. and i believed we are the only empire who cried for 5 days straight! :D and i really hope that you guys are happy with your subempire mates, be it novix, novon or novium!

and really want to thank freshies for the super touch messages that you all wrote for us, the sweets, lollipops, pipagao that you all bought for us, the encouragement you gave us (remember our cheer '2+2, novir chiong with you' we dont need break, we chiong together!) and even as simple as FOW freshies coming back on FOC. its this kind of moment that you all gave us that pushed us on even further! :D i believed each and every one of us enjoyed singing 'Graduation' and 'Down" together on the last day of FOW. its really touched our hearts and souls. nothing touched us more than the loud cheers you guys did for us when we are not around. thanks so much!

using jvan's words, there would no empire better than Novir, no better FAs, no better Hgl, no better sub-heads, no better GLs and no better freshies from Novir.

lastly, im super grateful to have the nicest year 3s in novir! :D with melvin, sharing his experience as a programmer to help novir to earn more points during games! with bad, reminding us that freshies reflect what we are as gls. with sabrina, every outing is a lesson for FAs, GLs to learn. with zubair, like a sumbodeh! there is no other like a sumbodeh like you! with eric, taking care of our welfare since otc. with dorothy, joining us after her overseas trips! with mathew, telling us how much this fo meant to the year 3s. with mallory, the cheerful one, always there to help me, even as for the bad guy! with dolyce, mass messaging everybody, at the end of the day, with hardly less than the no. of 2 hands replying her. with grace, her super highness and awesome dance moves with kpop. with jesser, her honest feedback. :D

definitely, not forgetting, chris and farhan! :D

with chris, his super unique laughter and the hand actions. we can never have another fa allowing us to poof! with farhan, we will never forget how much fun we had when we shouted 'folk that' together as one empire. and many many more. most importantly, utmost respect for all my year 3s and really thank you all for the guidance! :D

although we (GLs and FAs) only spent 18 weeks together, its like we know each other as forever. im super happy that we all love novir now! :D and i hope this novir spirit will carry on with our freshies joining us, lets all do this together ok? lets hope that when we all graduate, we still can hear novir cheers roaring from the bottom of our hearts! can we? :D and lets promise to do our year 3s and FAs proud, so that when they come back the next time, we are still one novir! :D novir is nothing without all of you, FAs, GLs and freshies, thank you! :D

**jonathan, can we have the piece of paper that you wrote the things that you all said to us? thanks! :D

Novir's version of Graduation (friends forever)

So we talked all night about the rest of our lives.

Where we gonna be when you leave FO.

Keep thinking times will never change.

Keep on thinking things will be the same.

When you leave this place we know you're coming back.

No more htht, we're on a different track.

And if you got something that you need to say.

You better say it right now cause theres no other day.

Cause we're moving on and we can't slow down.

These memories are playing like a film w/o sound.

We keep thinking of all of you,

We know that you'd leave.

And then there was me and you.

And then we got real blue.

We stayed up late crying at the squash court.

We got too scared but we had to move on.

Laughing at them thinking novir's gonna own.

And this is how it goes... ...

As we go on

We remember

All the times we

Had together

And as our lives change

From whatever

We will still be

Friends Forever




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