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Superself; Here's the Cheat Code for Work Outs!

                                            your best self

Help!!! I have a "Mummy Tummy"!!! What exactly is that? Like a kangaroo pouch? Yea similar... that stubborn post partum pouch but in more professional terms, it's Diastasis Recti. It's popular in the States but a relatively new concept in Singapore. I literally had to google this term when I received the invitation from Supersmooth to try this out. Oh boy, so glad I tried it!

What is Diastasis Recti?

Muscle separation in the abs, usually during pregnancy, which creates a belly pooch.

Superself Treatment

It is an FDA-cleared body-sculpting procedure and the only non-surgical treatment shown to be effective in treating abdominal separation. It helps to tone, tighten and strengthen the target areas of your body resulting in increased muscle definition and reduced circumference.

All I needed to do was to lie down on the treatment bed, strap the abdominal belt on my belly and waist area and let the HIFEM machine do its job. FYI, I could even use my phone while doing so... and the best part? Each session produces nearly 30,000 muscle contractions and burns approx 2300 calories! It's literally a cheat code for a work out!!! A single treatment takes 20-30 minutes and 2 - 3 treatments per week would be enough for an impressive result for most people.

There are various modes and intensity level while using the HIFEM machine. For first timers, try the lowest setting then slowly increase depending on your tolerance level. For me, there was no pain. I felt vibration and lots of contraction on my tummy and waist area (the target spots) due to the high-intensity electromagnetic energy. My body really isn't doing anything, I don't move as well... but it just felt like I'm having an intense workout (or rather something else is doing so on my behalf).

No pain, no down time, no side effects! Some people may get sore muscles in the next few days but I didn't so that's great! In my session and third session, I up-ed my intensity level and still, there was no actual pain though I felt the soreness only when I stretch my body in the next few days.

This is not a slimming treatment, rather it's one that helps tone muscles. Everyone gets different results - some people get a reduced waist size or a more defined abdominal wall. For me, I didn't see a drop in my weight BUT I felt my core has gotten stronger slightly, belly flatter (I sure hope it's not just psychological haha!)... I definitely felt more energetic and my usual back pain has reduced. I didn't have to go for a massage session in one entire month ok! Usually I go for massage on a weekly or fortnightly basis. So yes, that's how much it helped.

The results will last as long as you maintain them with regular exercise and follow-up treatments every three months. Well, that's pretty similar to working out - if you stop exercising totally, your results won't last.

The average cost is $3000 for a series of treatments. But... 
Great news!

Superself is currently having a first trial promo at $98 which includes 1 DR session, consultation and body analysis. 
It's great for you to find out whether you have DR and whether you are a suitable candidate. And if you are, there's an opening promo package price available for a period of time - how many sessions you need really depends on your current shape. The professionals Dion and Joyce will be better able to advise.

Get a FREE consultation and trial quote here

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