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How a -15 degree celsius Cryo Facial feels like...

For my second session at IDS, Dr Lum recommended that I try the Cryo Therapeutics Treatment - great for those with dull and sensitive skin. Using a combination of Cryotheraphy Technology (which employs an extremely low temperature of up to -15 degree celcius) and serum infusion, this facial helps to firm and tone my skin, keep it hydrated and glowing promote cellular repair.


I was assigned to therapist Linn who is friendly and meticulous in her work. She explained every step of the facial before doing it. This treatment started with a double cleanse followed by microdermabrasion to exfoliate the skin and remove dead skin cells. Next, the most dreaded extraction but was surprisingly only 2/10 pain for me (perhaps I have a higher pain threshold esp after childbirth). 

After which comes the most shiok part - Cryo Technology! This is perfect after extraction as it reduces the redness, soothes and calms skin with the cooling -15degrees temperature. Felt like winter on my face! This was topped with a hydrating sheet mask for about 15 mins. Unlike other facials where therapist will leave you to rest when mask is on, Linn stayed throughout the session to roll the CryoProbe machine over my mask to allow the effective absorption of serum into the skin. It was cold yet comfortable and she commented that this is usually the favourite part for most customers. The session ended with a refreshing layer of moisturiser and sunscreen to lock in all the goodness!

What's great is that there's no downtime after my facial even with extraction. Sure my face was slightly red, but not to the extent that I have to head home straight away. Also, I love that the facial was efficiently capped below 1 hour yet I could feel an immediate difference in my skin. Def one of the most enjoyable facials I've tried!


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