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Cove HairLab Deep Cleanse Scalp Therapy Review


"is it really necessary?"

Thanks to an invitation from Sample Store, I was treated to a much-needed (and long-awaited) doctor-designed Deep Cleanse Scalp Therapy session at Cove HairLab (by Cove Aesthetics) which helps to combat hair loss, regain hair strength and more importantly, improve my dandruff condition!

Conveniently located in Wheelock Place, the salon felt exclusive and was brightly lit. Obviously hushed and serene, I loved how I was in town yet away from the bustling Orchard crowd! The HairLab section is set up to be like a relaxing salon and was nestled in a little cozy designated area within Cove Aesthetics. Thankfully it wasn't too crowded and I had the whole area to myself.

precious self-care pampering time with a perfect full length lighted mirror, comfortable cushion chair and soothing music 

I was served by Amber, my hair consultant who was clearly professional in her area of expertise, very approachable and knowledgeable. As sessions are customised for different hair and scalp types, she started off with a hair analysis session to better treat my hair condition and areas of concern. In my case, unfortunately, I have an oily scalp that is prone to dandruff. Hence, she recommended the Deep Cleanse Scalp Repair treatment for me. One thing to note is that even if you have a normal scalp, you can also benefit from this treatment as it helps to maintain healthy scalp and prevent scalp deterioration through their Stem Cell Nutrition Therapies.

During the 45mins session, she explained every step of Cove HairLab's unique treatment and introduced me to their in-house products specially used to target specific hair issues. It started off with an Oxyjet Spray where you could see dead skin cells and dandruff falling onto my clothes.

made even more obvious since I was wearing a black coat
Following which, she applied a cooling hair mask (my favourite part!) which supposedly helps to strengthen hair roots and promote hair growth. We ended off with a wash and blow out! The shampoo used was also cooling for the scalp and doesn't have any silicon. Perks of the hair wash? The super relaxing scalp and head massage that comes along with it - much needed after a long day at work!

Another part of the treatment was the serum applied before the blow out, which helps to protect my hair in Singapore's humid climate. It's also especially beneficial for dry and oily hair condition. The blow out was memorable as I noticed Cove HairLab uses the iconic Dyson hairdryer (similar to what I'm using at home) and Amber did such a great job in styling my hair, in fact the shape lasted for a good 2 days even after one night's sleep. Before I left, she also taught me how to care for my scalp even after going home. The 4-step homecare includes Detox, Wash, Repair, Nutrition.

before and after the hair treatment

After the treatment, I was SURPRISED!
It was obvious that my hair appeared to be much smoother, softer and rejuvenated.
Of course, I'm aware that this doesn't solve the root of the problem and one will need to visit Cove Hairlab weekly / monthly (when condition improves) to achieve better results. 
My scalp also felt much cleaner with a cooling tinge but evidently, it was through the scalp analysis that proved a world of difference!

pictures of my scalp analysis for easier illustration
(left side: AFTER, right side: BEFORE)

The above picture shows the before and after of my hair and scalp condition - (from top to bottom: Hair Density, Hair Pore Status, Scalp Status) and in the 'after' photos, you can clearly see that there is significantly less of the white flaky layer aka the dead skin on your scalp which clogs the hair pores and block hair growth.


o Deep Cleanse Scalp Therapy First Trial at $38

o Hair Growth Program First Trial at $68

o Dark Hair Program First Trial $68

About Cove HairLab
"where beauty goes beyond time"
Committed to the highest standards in face, body and hair treatments, Cove Aesthetics offers customised treatment programs designed by doctors in a luxurious and tranquil environment to deliver an unparalleled aesthetics experience for all our clients.
Cove HairLab was recently launched by Cove Aesthetics! Cove HairLab’s Advanced Scalp Repair
Hair Growth and Dark Hair Programmes provide maximum effective results of hair growth and reversal of grey hair.

COVE HairLab

Wheelock Place
501 Orchard Road #04-07B (S238880)

Mon - Friday: 10am to 8pm | Sat: 9.30am to 3.30pm

(Closed on Sundays & PH)

+65 8299 2920 (Call or WhatsApp)

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