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Bliss House Restaurant

This place holds dear memories to me. I held my 21st Party here and it was one of the best choices I've made in life.

Coming back here to dine always gives me a good vibe and I secretly pat myself (for such a good decision I made at 21) each time I step in! This time round, it was for a food tasting session!

Ambience: Whimsical, secret garden-ish layout that would fare well with people who are often looking for quirk cafes with good backgrounds for their Instagram photos. Plus point to the owner for having the concept of bringing a garden indoors so restaurant-goers won’t have to bear with the sweltering heat (or even the rain)Main Dishes: Indeed, it was a simple yet nice dish to order.Desserts:In general, the desserts were beautifully presented. Pleasant to the eyes and the tummy as well. Indeed it was a sweet and blissful end to our meal!Pyramid of Love – Very innovative plating to stick chunks of toast on ice cream. The toast were drizzled in cinnamon sugar and were a tadddd to sweet for my liking especially after eating with the ice cream but for all you shibuya honey toast lovers out there, this is a must-try for you guys! Shibuya honey toast – tower style! Very creative innovation by the Boss, he said he was inspired to create this dish by a café he ate at in Taiwan. However the toast shaped in a box (from Taiwan) gets soggy due to the sweet sauce and ice-cream after awhile, therefore, he got inspired to stack the toast up instead! I thought it was a really good idea!
Melting Heart Chocolate Lava Cake – Yummy bitter chocolate used and it paired well with the Vanilla ice cream on the sides, a tad too sweet if eaten alone though. I have a weak spot for desserts made up of dark chocolate and this is my favourite dessert amongst them all. This would have completed any meal delightfully! The best part? Has got to be the crispiness of the cake surrounding the chocolate lava. Yums!
Bliss’ Yogurt Strawberry Perfume – The yogurt mixes were good and whets your appetite for more food to come. Preferred the orange over the orange more as the sour combination was different but the strawberry one wasn’t too bad too! I seldom drink strawberry flavoured drinks for fear of the cough syrup tastes but this tasted like real strawberries yay.
Bliss' Mint Chocolate Oreo Bless - Refreshing taste! Nothing can go wrong with oreo I guess. It supposedly comes with milk but I'm lactose-intolerant so we kindly got ourselves a milk-less one. Tasted abit weird as the mint was overpowering the oreo tastes without the milk but I think the mint would balance the sweet choco-oreo-milk mix just right. To whoever's ordering this, you can just ignored our lactose intolerance and go ahead order the original with milk!

Food: Mostly western dining options, some Asian and Mediterranean dishes within.

Spicy Blue Mussels – Mussels were well-cooked and interesting use of clam in the spicy sauce that up the seafoodness of this dish. For the clam taste, I rank it a notch higher than other ordinary spicy mussels. Kudos to the one who thought of it! Fresh seafood, but I thought that the sauce could have been more flavorful. Dip it with the garlic bread and it tasted really good!
Quesadillas – loving the jalapenos in the mayo sauce that gave it a meditarranean-kinda spiciness. The wrap was of the right thickness and crispiness and the chicken was tender and moist. Oven-Baked, I love how crispy and thin the skin is! Beneath it was a power combination of really refreshing ingredients with a tinge of spice and makes you want to go back for more!
Roasted Basil Chicken Leg – Good! Skin was crisp almost to that of a duck confit dish. Basil was merely hidden under the chicken and I could barely taste the basil within the chicken. The dish is a tad too dry for my liking but the mash was good. I like the combination of the tenderness of the chicken and it's crispy skin. Quite hard to achieve it but bliss house did! Also the mash potato is super yummy! What's special is the sautéed veg which I really like because it's seldom since in main courses. Overall it tasted like duck confit but the chicken version.
Curried Red Snapper – Texture was a little dry for my liking, would have liked it to be a little oiler. The curried sauce was unique though, a welcome change to the usual indian-styled curry sauce I find this a blend of a spicy Indian curry and creamy, tangy Japanese curry. Baby potatoes baked with butter dipped in the curry was deeeelicous. What’s unique is the mix in with curry but I felt that it could have been spicier and thus more flavorful as a whole. The tender white meat cooked manages to retain its freshness and succulence even under the curry sauce.
BBQ Pork Ribs – The ribs were very tender, with the meat falling off the bones, yet succulent. The BBQ sauce the coats the ribs were of the right consistency too, sweet and peppery but not overpowering to mask the taste of the ribs. Wedges that came with the ribs were excellent finger snacks too. What I loved was its side salad and potato wedges, served warm enough and in the right crispiness level.
Soft Shell Crab Arabiatta – Pasta is a little undercooked, but sauce was good – peppery tabasco combination but not masking the tangy tomato taste. Softshell crab was crisp on the outside, soft and moist on the inside. A little salty for my taste but I think it goes well with the slightly sweet tomato pasta. Texture of linguine was soft and chewy - cooked the way I like it to be. The tomato sauce is spicy enough. Very filling dish I would say. The fresh crab was well cooked, quite huge and definitely worth your money.

US Black Angus Beef – The medium-rare beef chunks were nicely cooked, interior was very soft and enjoyable. Truffle mash was da bomb, I like it when chefs not only take time to perfect the main protein but the sides as well and Bliss House have certainly done it with their mash and baked potatoes. The red meat was done how I like it to be! Meat is definitely tender, easy to cut and bite. Pairs well with sauce, boiled vegetables and truffle mash potatoes. Portion was just right for one. This dish would be better if the beef is juicer and tastier.

Tropicana Pizza – Nice crisp yet moist crust but the taste was familiar (Somewhat like skinny pizza but more generous with ingredients). This dish is good for sharing in groups of 4. Was quite a big portion, what I loved was the texture and thinness of the crust. Ingredients used like the ham and pineapple were fresh.

Crème Brulee – Nice caramelized top with a soft eggy inside. Just the right amount of sweetness. I’ve tasted overly sweet ones or charred caramel that turned it bitter so this is a pretty good one!

Tiramisu – The rum taste was mild compared to some tiramisu in the market so it would be good for people who enjoy the sweet in dessert rather than the bittersweet caused by the rum. Texture of the dessert was good overall.

All of them came in vibrant colours and photo worthy presentation!

Bliss’ Vanilla Rose Happiness – Tasted like bandung. Really pretty pink presentation which made me feel like I drank it straight from a rose garden haha!

Orange Juice: As boring as it sounds, I ordered the orange juice, but it was really very refreshing and served as a good pairing with most of the dishes we had. I like the fact that it doesn't taste like it comes from a can!

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