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XNDO, your new meal buddy!


hello, my 2 weeks meal plan


I have always pass by the Xndo open concept store at Parkway, but never stopped to purchase because (thankfully) I do not really need to put myself on a strict low-carb diet. However, what caught my eye every time I walked pass was the interesting meal flavours! Like wow, how can you still eat yummy local delights such as Laksa and Chicken Rice, when on a diet? So when the kind folks at Xndo contacted me for a collaboration and I agreed! I wanted to know how it is cooked, and omg I was so excited to taste the meal flavours for myself - check it out! See if it is able to satisfy my palate and whether really works as a proper meal replacement.

I was put on a 2 weeks meal plan and was introduced to Xndo's my4 steps.
Here goes...

There are many flavoured meals to choose from. I was given a variation of noodle and rice meals, ranging from flavours like Seafood Tom Yum, Curry Chicken and Singapore Chicken Rice. These are your typical local favourites which contains lots of carbs, however with Xndo's meal replacement, which contains optimal amount of complex carbs, protein and fats that result in a complete meal that keeps you full for a longer period of time, you don't have to worry about calories and can to your heart's content without feeling guilty. It's definitely your healthier choice!


Xndo's meals are made from natural ingredients, specially designed for us. It's low in carbs though there's rice/noodles! Well, reason being Xndo's rice/noodles are made from a mix of premium quality Thai long-grained white rice with freshly ground Konjac root which is high in fibre. So essentially, Xndo focuses on a promoting a calorie-density meal instead of your normal low-calories meal

One thing good is the portion size. I am not a big eater and I find that Xndo's one package portion is suitable and healthy. I don't find myself too full neither do I find myself getting hungry too quickly after meal times too. 


To be honest, initially I thought the food in the package was raw and I would have to spend lots of time to cook it. But no, I was wrong! DID YOU KNOW, you could simply open up the package and eat it on the spot! WOW, that, I was amazed! Meaning you can put the package in your bag and open it to eat any time of the day, even when you are dining out with family or friends. Well, it's optional to heat it up, but normally when I'm home, I would cause I like my meals to be hot! heh! But the fact is, even if you are too lazy to do so, you CAN just eat it just as the state that it is packaged in.

Yup, basically, you can choose to eat it anytime and anywhere!!!

There are 2 ways of heating up the meal:
1. Microwave: Pour out the meal in a microwaveable bowl and heat in the microwave for 2-3 mins and it's done!

2. Heat in a Pot: I normally do this because yes I don't have a microwave at home. Besides, it's healthier this way! Same thing, just pour out the meal into the pot then warm it up for about 3mins or so, then put it into a bowl and you can eat it!


basically, it's faster than fast food, and thousand times healthier!


Okay truth is, obviously your very original laksa and other normal food has more flavour and taste. After all, we are all used to having a certain standard of how these local delights should taste like. A Xndo meal probably will not curb a food craving if you are having one. BUT, for health reasons or if one is going on a dieting without wanting to skip meals (and looking at the drastic difference in terms of the calories), I would definitely opt for a Xndo meal. Reason being, the meals are very edible and tasted better than I expected! I always have the concept that health foods taste bad but no, I am able to survive very well with the taste of Xndo meals without having to compromise on my health.

*P.S My favourites were the Black Pepper Fish and the Singapore Chicken Rice!


This helps me a lot when trying my best to stick to the 2 week meal plan!
Because it's not everyday that I can eat Xndo meals, and def not for all my 3 meals in a day. Therefore, times when I'm eating non-Xndo meals, I will take the drink to BLOCK carbo and fat from the other food I'm eating. I don't really feel the effects of the drink physically, but psychologically, yes I do feel like the drink helps to absorb all the unhealthiness of the food I consume.


It's very easy to consume this! All packs come in 5-8 sachets, so just pour a sachet into a cup or shaker bottle (even better) of cold water. Then, drink it all up! The best part? You can put just one sachet in your bag and you are good to leave home! In terms of tasted, personally, it was a little too sweet on my first gulp however the after taste became bitter. I don't know why, but I guess sometimes bitter things are good for health!

*P.S My favourites were the Grape and Apple flavour!

Step 3 and Step 4 were more important to me.
I was looking more to boost my metabolism and detox rather than to slim down totally. So yup, the box itself is really small yay, so I can even stuff them into my pouch and bring them around to share. Good to bring it to school or even offices!
Although I am not a coffee drinker in the morning, however I gave it a try and it tasted really good! It would definitely be a good coffee replacement for all you coffee drinkers out there!
*P.S My favourite was the Caramel Coffee!


I drank this every alternative nights, it's like a yakult drink to me, which helps in our digestive system. A good way to detox!

*P.S My favourite was the enzyme orange flavour!


All in all, just follow these my4 steps that Xndo promotes and you are on your way to a leaner and healthier looking you!


  1. Hihi, was this diet plan effective ? Thanks :)

  2. Bought the carb and fat blocker and i was wondering whether it really does make a difference. After all, those were flavoured and the grapes one was pretty sweet. Did you actually physically lose weight after this 2 week meal plan?

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