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[Adv] High on Love at Mount Faber; Spuds and Apron


Valentine's Day 
is a special day where everyone showers their loved ones with more care and attention. This year, if you have not decided where to spent your night dining at, here's a recommendation you!
As one of Singapore's top romantic venues, Spuds and Apron at Mount Faber, has taken it upon themselves to play Cupid every 14 February. Having said that, one of the most important things Cupid has on the agenda is to spread as much love around as possible! And of course, to provide a memorable dining experience coupled with good quality tasting food.

Spuds and Apron is a brand new, fun and playful F&B joint at the top of the hill at Mount Faber, serving up yummy east-meets-west dishes.
Delight your Valentine with an enchanting evening at the top of Mount Faber
At 106 metres above sea-level, Mount Faber is all set to get you high on love this Valentine’s Day. Share a romantic moment with the love of your life, or dedicate the evening to your family and friends and take happiness to new heights with the gorgeous views all around on Singapore’s only ‘mountain-escape’.
To make eating a comforting affair, you can opt to chill out at the air-conditioned Dining Room or relax at the alfresco Garden. Whatever you choose, the alluring city vista is yours with compliments from Mount Faber. A simply fascinating evening with lovely company right beside you, what more do you want!
Besides the amazing ambience on that special day, the taste of food is definitely an important factor to the entire Valentine's Day experience.
Savour delicately created special 4-course Valentine's Day Menu, starting with a Trilogy of Salmon as appetiser and a Double-Boiled Chinese Silk-hen soup with cordyceps. For your main course, choose from a Pan Seared XO Spiced Black Cod or a Slow Roasted Black Angus Beef Fillet before you indulge in some decadent dessert. Couples will take home a pair of Lovers’ Aprons so you can whip up a storm together!
Spuds & Aprons_Trilogy of Salmon
Spuds & Aprons_Slow Roasted Black Angus Beef Fillet
Spuds & Aprons_Luscious Opalys Chocolate Avocado Cake
Well, we understand.
When the hunger pangs peak and you just wanna dig in without a care, there’s only one thing to do – LET YOURSELF GO and indulge in some wickedly sinful food! We promise we will tell no one.

Make a date with them:

"Come hungry, Leave happy!"

Hashtag #spudsnaprons in your instagram or facebook pictures!

*credits to herworld & greatnewplaces for their pictures

Spuds and Apron
109 Mount Faber Road, Level 2, Singapore 099203 
Tel: (+65) 6377 9688


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