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Taste of Thailand's Gems

& no, I'm not paid to proclaim this

Thanks to Community Games 2013 & Thai Express, I was invited to try out Thai Express' new menu at Bugis+! I was very excited because I've been wanting to try ALL their new dishes ever since I realised they changed their menu (but that day, I was only dining with 2 other friends so I couldn't order everything) so yay, my dream has come true. This time round, Thai Express has revamped their interesting menu with over 130 authentic Thai dishes for us to savour.

Just like every fairy tale must begin with "once upon a time", every Thai meal must begin with appetisers.
Khoa Tang Naa Tang | $7.90
Thai Rice Cracker served with Special ThaiExpress Creamy Chicken and Shrimp Sauce
Not a fan of this dish, but the creamy dip went quite well with the oh-so-crispy Thai Rice Crackers. Pair them together for a sweeter tasting dish. It's a great snack for those who ain't hungry but just want something to munch on. And, trust me, it stays crispy even after being left in the open for long.
Poo Cha | $10.40
Deep-fried Minced Crab Meat and Chicken Cake with Plum Sauce
This dish was one of my favourites! Although the crispy deep-fried egg shreds may make the dish look oily on the outside, but even so, it's worth ordering - I promise you it'll be tender and juicy on the inside. It comes with the unique plum sauce but I was better off eating it on its own. Not that the sauce isn't good, in fact it's very refreshing as an appetiser, it's just that the dish itself was so good that it can be eaten just like that. Oh, a suggestion maybe you could sprinkle some lime on it instead of plum? Anyways, it's simply Om Nom Nomz! One of the nicest crabcakes I've tasted, I'll definitely order this the next time I'm back at Thai Express!
Kway Teow Lui Suan | $9.30
Thai-style DIY Minced Chicken and Dry Kway Teow Salad
Korean or Thai? BOTH. DIY-ing this dish reminded me of Korean BBQ. Here's what you'll get on the wooden board. First, the lettuces. Second, the Kway Teow. Third, Spicy Minced Chicken. DONE. Wrap up and put them into your mouth (this is the easiest part, isn't it?) I love the refreshing combination of this dish. The chicken may be a little spicy for some people but to me, it was so tender that I could eat it on its own. Of course, noming everything together would bring a much greater joy for your tummy.
Mee Krob | $7.90
Crispy Caramelized Noodle with Chicken Cube
I wasn't a fan of this dish because I thought the noodles were too crispy, okay duh, check out its name, it's supposed to be crispy. So good for y'all who love eating crispy stuffs, cause it'll be addictive and I'm sure you'll want more of it. And, needless to say, the chicken cubes were tender and the addition of it made the whole dish more interesting.
Gai Op Pattaya | $9.90
Thai-style Roasted Chicken Thigh
Not just your typical Chicken Thigh. One bite into it and I already wanted more! It's a little pricey (paying $10) for a chicken thigh, but I guess it's worthwhile. Comes with two completely contrasting sauces for dips, one being spicy-sourish and the other being sweet-spicy. Need I say more? Enjoy!
Kway Teow Sukhothai | $11.30
Stick Noodle with Minced Chicken and Prawn in Chilli Oil Soup with Crushed Peanut
The soup surprised me! Looking at it at first glance, I thought it would be very spicy, but not only it's not spicy, it's actually sweet! Woah? Can't believe it right? Try it for yourself!
Pueak Himmapan | $9.30
Fried Taro with Cashew Nut
I wasn't a fan of this too because I don't like Yam. However, I loved the nuts accompanying it. The sauce was tasty as well, reminded me of the typical sweet and sour zi-char sauce! The other bloggers enjoyed this dish, so if you'r a fan of yam, it's worth ordering!
Tom Yum Peek Gai | $8.30
 Crispy Tom Yum Chicken Wing
To make your experience better, remember to sprinkle some given Lime onto the Wings before eating it. Compared to the chicken thigh above, I preferred the thigh meat. But it was really heavenly eating the chicken wings with lime, one word - Appetising!
Kraphoa Gai Kai Yeow Maa | $9.30
Stir-Fried Minced Chicken with Thai Basil and Century Egg
This dish is probably one of the more typical Thai dishes and also one that is commonly ordered. Not gonna repeat how tender and tasty the chicken is (k, actually I just did) What I found unique about this dish is the fact that there's century eggs! I don't like century eggs but woah the addition of it brings this dish to a more Asian level.

Just like every fairy tale must end with "and they lived happily ever after", every Thai meal must end with desserts.

Ta Kor | $6.80
Famous Thai Fragrant Pandan Jelly with Coconut Custard
Lod Chong Singapore | $5.30
Green Emerald Thai Lod Chong with Sliced Jackfruit and Red Ruby in Coconut Milk
Mun Cheam | $5.30
Steamed Sweet Potato with Coconut Milk
hahaha this dish was funny. From far, it looked a lot like papaya or something along that line. The papaya family maybe? But no, it's le soft sweet potato drizzled with coconut milk ~ no wonder I smelt it from afar.
Coconut Paradise | $5.30
Spoilt for choices, really. Get a spoon, open your mouth and just eat everything! Lets' do that! The perfect combination of 4 related items screams Coconut Paradise. Coconut lovers, this is the dessert for you!

Thanks for the awesome company & food!

This revamped menu is now available at all ThaiExpress outlets islandwide.

For more information, visit

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