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*P.S when God was blessing others with the gift of height, He left me out realizing that great things come in tiny packages, so instead I am gifted with endless energy and a big wide smile to get through difficult times.

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It's the time of the year where I get a little richer and hopefully, not a little fatter *prays*. It's Year 2013 officially passed the Lunar calendar, and here's wishing everyone happiness, hope, great health, success and oh, world peace!

This year, somehow, I wasn't soaked in the CNY mood. I didn't even know CNY was coming so soon. Didn't specially go shopping for new clothes and shoes, just took whatever new I had in my wardrobe (& that's probably a whole heap of them) yeah, that's basically how I 'prepared' for it. Besides, my family ain't the tradition kind who puts in a lot of effort putting up those typical CNY decos. In fact, we do nothing of those sort.

The whole festive season came too early I would say. Feels like we just celebrated Christmas, New Year... & whoa CNY already? hahahaha. Nevertheless, hope your CNY was a great one!

For myself, it was like every other year. Spent the first 3 days of CNY visiting relatives and friends, and the subsequent days out of the 15 supposed cny days was spent having random family dinners including people coming over to my house.
Sometimes secretly wished that my CNY was less boring... I wanna go housevisiting for two whole days long, hopping from one place to another. Fun, isn't it? But I guess, that won't happen. Probably because my family is quite small to begin with, so other than visiting the direct relatives, that's about it for the first day of lunar new year. I remember how when I was a little girl, I followed my grandparents for housevisiting as they have many sisters/brothers to visit (you know, the older generation has many kids, haha) but really, as the years go by, I get busy with school etc, I don't follow them around anymore...

On the first day, it's the usual routine. Visited both the maternal & paternal family, from the extreme East, Pasir Ris to the extreme West, Jurong. Literally, journey to the West! It was a good time catching with with the extended family and camwhoring/playing with the younger cousins. It sure was some good bonding time especially for those people whom I see only once a year or so. After that, we had so much time to kill, I decided to head to IMM to shop at Daiso and grocery shopping at GIANT. So glad they were open plus the queues were quite short yay.

The only not - so - great thing that happened during CNY this year is the rain! Rainy Season? :<
Ohwells, hope it didn't dampen your spirits!

Every year's the same, yummy Hakka vegetarian spread prepared by my Grandma aka Jia Jia
Friendswise, I'm so so glad each of my diff groups/cliques organise meetups! Of course, not on the first day of cny as they'll be with their family. But prior to cny & after cny, we managed to meet up for nights at each other's place to eat drink merry aka gamble away! The best thing is that we'll make it a point to make the meetups having despite our differing and very busy schedules, thus I even have visitings arranged early in the morning and late nights just so it can accommodate everyone! ^^
Very glad to see everyone once again, especially those I rarely see...

Lunch with the Parents

Day 2 wasn't anything interesting because the happenings only took place at night! And here's how it went...
Annual CNY Gathering, TP peeps @ Chester's place

Stayed there till around 1 then Zi Heng was nice enough to pick me up to Yu Xiu's place to meet the 1B05 clique! It was a really late night but we made the best outta it. I miss Year 1 days, mostly because of the awesome friends I've made since, these people will definitely be the ones I'll share life with even as we grow up and grow old.
Thanks for everything, my dearies. Thank God for letting us meet ^^ Everything happens for a reason, right?
The girls I'm closest to because we knew each other since Day 1 of Poly, really one of the best friends I've made & best things that existed in my poly days. We spent the night in Yu Xiu's room HTHT-ing. It's been long since the 3 of us had done that. I remember the last time we really spent quality time together like that was 3 years back because we used to go Yu Xiu's house to do project till late nights. So that very night in her room once again, was like a reminiscence of us back then. I miss the 17year old us, actually.

Scarlet Shopaholic Girls @ Gwen's place
Day 3 was spent with the best girlfriends I've met in University. From the first camp ever, FTB camp till now. Of course, Twinny was the one I knew before Uni but glad she joined my Mushu girls and now we are the SSG clique! hahaha! Everything happens for a reason once again; meeting them all was really God's divine plan for us. Pity Petrina couldn't join us for this mini gathering :( Nevertheless, we had a short & sweet meetup because I had to rush to school for proj meeting afterwhich :>
Thanks for being a blessing in my life! You girls are the ones I know will be with me throughout my 4years in SMU. Through it all, I'm glad we have each other to depend on be it through the good or bad times. We have so much in common and it's nice to see how our friendship blossom since Day 1. Can't wait to bid for mods with y'all next sem! We will do projects tgt & win hands down, heh!
Anyways, the morning started with us meeting at NEX & we bought brekkie over to Gwen's. Did a food tasting session to compare between Macs and KFC's milo! hahaha the weirdest things we would do. My goodness. And, if I'm not wrong, we came to a conclusion that Macs' was sweeter and thicker. Anyways, I'm happy I managed to convince them to buy KFC breakfast and they are totally sold by it. Heh. KFC is one of my fav fastfood breakfast, I am totally not a fan of Macs.

BSC AY10/11 @ My House!

Steamboat & BBQ plans turned into Delivery plans for the night!
We ordered Dominos pizza and The Shepherds Pie, which turned out pretty tasty ^^
Had a great time chilling out in my room instead of gambling like the norms.
BSC AY11/12 Steamboat @ Yuan's House!
Steamboat for this Comm, like we always do. Thanks Yuan Yuan for opening up her place this time round! We were forever late, 6.30pm steamboat became a 8.30pm steamboat session, nevertheless we had fun hearing stories from the current bsc maincomms (those who reran for the 2nd year) about bsc events... and also, their graduating life in TP! Time pass so fast!
The Girls
AY1112 Steamboat @ Yuan's - 22nd Feb 2013
with some of the peeps
Mel JieJie!
YAY, a super cute Hello Kitty pouch from Taiwan!
Mel & Fiona

Super proud of this outing, cause... We had FULL attendance!

♥ ♥ 
End of 15days of CNY2013//
Back to schoolwork, projects & assignments. Life of a student #sighs


  1. Anonymous2/27/2013

    Hi, I'm a girl around your age who first stumbled upon your blog late last year when Googling for some info. (I really forget what I was Googling then, maybe info about SMU?) I read one entry and thought that hey I liked your writing style so I read another entry and another entry and another entry... (I ended up browsing through your archives... So sorry...)

    Um, I assume that there are other readers out there who are intrigued by you, so I decide to ask you some questions here. You don't have to answer them if you don't wish to. I have always been blunt and straightforward as compared to the people around me so sometimes my tone might not sound very nice... But rest assured that my questions are all good-intentioned, k?

    1. I notice that having Formspring seems to be the "in" thing nowadays, so I wonder why you don't have Formspring account. I'm not saying that every blogger must have Formspring... I'm just wondering since you are such an active user of

  2. Anonymous2/27/2013

    Social media, have you ever thought of opening Formspring account?
    2. To be honest, I haven't seen any girl who wears flowers in the hair until I saw your blog photos. How old were you when you first started wearing flowers?
    3. I don't know you in real life, but based on how you express yourself through your writings, I conclude that you are highly confident and spunky, which are excellent traits to have. Um, but I notice that some highly confident individuals tend to be very narcissistic, e.g. they expect people to praise them 24/7 otherwise they will emo and sulk and so on, so how do you ensure that you won't ever fall prey to narcissism?
    4. I realize that you seem to be the very opposite of me in terms of personality. Even looks-wise, my facial features differ very much from yours. In real life, how do you interact with classmates who are extremely different from you? In my case, I won't deliberately stay far away from them, but I won't take the initiative to strike up any conversation with them either because I worry that my views might differ so much from theirs that we will never be able to agree on anything.
    5. I read that in SMU, you can declare one major or two majors or even declare no major at all, so have you declared your major(s) yet? By the way, since SMU places so much emphasis on class participation, is it possible to find shy introverted students in SMU. (Maybe SMU disqualifies all shy introverted candidates during interviews, lol.)
    6. I'm sorry ah, this question might be a tad too blunt for most girls to tahan, but I suppose that you 大人有大量, hopefully can tahan. When you call yourself princess, do you mean it as a joke or do you mean it seriously? I'm asking this because many many years ago, I knew this girl who kept demanding me to call her princess. I thought that she was just joking with me but other classmates told me that she really saw herself as a princess.
    7. Um, to be honest, sometimes you seem quite fierce in photos especially when you don't smile, but it's okay, actually my face is 100 times fiercer and scarier than yours when I don't smile... I'm just curious--are you fierce in real life? I mean, have anybody (e.g. freshies) confess to you that they are scared of you?
    8. I have never studied in single-sex schools before so all that I know of single-sex schools are stereotypes and more stereotypes... When I was choosing sec schools years ago, some people say never list any IJ schools among your choices because in IJ schools, even if you deviate from the "norm" (whatever it means) by just a little bit, other girls will bully you until you feel suicidal every day. They say bullying exists in every school but not as prevalent as IJ schools. Is it true? I hope not!
    9. I'm sorry for asking you so many questions at once, I swear that I won't ask you any more questions in the future. Well, since you are Christian, do you ever feel that people who know that you are Christian

  3. Anonymous2/27/2013

    Have high expectations of you, like Christians cannot do this ah Christians cannot do that ah? If yes, how do you cope with such pressure?
    10. Do you enjoy fiction more or non-fiction more? What's the most recent book that you have read for fun?
    Have fun in the US. :) I believe that you will be able to gain lots of valuable insights there and make plenty of new friends. :)


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