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*P.S when God was blessing others with the gift of height, He left me out realizing that great things come in tiny packages, so instead I am gifted with endless energy and a big wide smile to get through difficult times.

Forever & always, a child of God. Through this cozy little virtual haven, I hope each post inspires at least someone out there with my life stories.

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Hello. Year 1 Semester 2

So, it's the new school term!
Survied the first term with not so good grades though I'm very contented already. But of course, putting grades aside, because right from the start I've already told myself that the whole point of me coming to University is to explore, experience and make new friends. AND most importantly, it's a passport (good platform) for me to travel the world. And so far, I'm proud to say that I've been keeping up to that! Did many new things, things that I would only be able to do in University life ت
I've had a great Dec  break, a December I'll always remember...
The best team of people I could ever ask for! Project Sunshine☀ 4, one of the best things in SMU thus far and will probably still be.
It's amazing how 23 different lives can intertwined & we've become like O-H-A-N-A, means family. Grown too close for a good reason. Their presence are really like sunshines which light up my life. I'm sure most of us feel that way too. Best 2 weeks of my December 2012, ontop of my birthday & christmas. heh! I'll blog about my experience in LAOS soon when I'm less busy. But for now, you'll just be seeing some of their faces around my blog. Ohyes, seee! We even had meetups the Sunday before school started! Watched Wreck It Ralph! I swear I thought it was a Christmas related movieee. haha!

Attended Church's SMU Harvest Camp 2013!
Met new faces, made new friends. Played Cardgames, Chatted w the awesome people around me, Cooked Indomee for Supper etc! Spiritually, I felt like I got reunited with God all over again. Was a really good time for me to PTL and givethanks for all he has done for me, especially when I needed him most. Also, I set my mind and heart right for the new school term ahead. Very blessed by this SMU family, I'm so glad I'm part of them. These people are the nicest bunch I've ever met and the people I can truly share life with.

Jan'92 babies' 21st Birthday Parties ^^
This year's gonna be BROKE year cause most of my batchyear friends are celebrating their 21st, including myself. haha! Year of the '92babies! Time to spent $$$ happily, and for people I love, I really don't mind. I've always thought this way - Birthday presents, honestly, it's the thought that counts.

Back to reality, *blink* school starts. It's not that I hate school, in fact, I don't mind attending lessons and coming to school just to see familiar faces. In fact, I love seeing my friends. heh. Just that, if given a choice, I'll rather stay home (sometimes)

Ever since I'm back from Laos, I've been out almost every day till night.
Busy with school, sometimes events.

Having 21st birthdays to attend, lunches/dinners meetups with Family & Friends.
Soon to-come Mugging sessions here & there.

But anyohows,

Week 1 & 2 has been treating me very very well!

Sunshiners impromptu meetups almost everyday. I swear it's either we are too free or we are too united. I choose to believe it's both options. haha. It's nice seeing everyone so tight like a family instead of an OCSP group. I'm sure all of us enjoy each other's company and for me, I feel so happy everytime I see one of their familiar faces around school! LIKE HELLOOO *screams the name & start waving*. Sometimes, it's just fate. We walk walk walk, just bump into each other. Haha!

School life has been really active, minus the studies.
Made time to head back to my used-to-be 2nd home, TP with Sheyl @ Mensa!
Scrapbooking Class x Paper Market
Chillax Fridaynights with the AW Clique;
the only goodthing that came out from AW class is the classmates & prof. hahaha really!
Best Fries, my Favourite! // Blooie's Roadhouse
Church x Favouritepeople
Berrylite dayout with Sharm & Teng!

Involved in a couple of school activities; Back to what I do best, Events! Held meetings as Orgcomm for these events, really very excited to see it through till the end! ^^

Bizcom booth duties w my scarletshopholic girls for UniFunzaar 2013!
Very fun because of the awesome company I had, plus guess what, sunshiners came down to support us too! YAY!
Initially, we didn't want to head back to school. Not on a Friday at least... but I'm so glad we did! I had so much fun. School was so fun that day, only that day. Free show, Free food, Free shirts, Free Polaroids, FREEBIES everywhere! That's not the whole point, but it's the school spirit. I love SMU for that reason. Plus, I had my awesome friends with me. What's there not to love!
PHOTOBOOTH PEEPS^^ Check out Normen's face, oh spot him first! hahaha! The blondie at the back omg.
Credits to YuHeng for the photo! (:
We tiedye shirts at the ACF booth with Ken & Norm's help! YAY! I'm glad ours turn out fine ^^ Reminded me alot of BSC's AGM which I'm totally missing right now as I'm typing this :/ I miss BSC, my club, my 2nd home... ohwells, time to move on...
Went to support our fellow Sunshiners. I really think people who can dance are really cool. Pity I have no such talent, but ohwells, it was such a joy watching the talented people dance!
Goodjob Ray & Yanjing! You guys were awesome! :D
Chilled out at Starbucks after that...
Supposed to be a girlstalk but Normen joined us hahaha, had fun chatting about really everything random and under the sun. Yes, even BALI trip, very excited hope it really comes true!
Drove home, ciaoz!

coming your way... in Week 5!
Am in the PR Department, dealing with sponsorship matters. Have been busy trying to contact sponsors, the whole process of emailing (and getting ohsohappy when you open your mail to some good news) to calling to meeting up with them to the sense of achievement & satisfaction of finally getting hold of the sponsored product/vouchers! WE CAN DO IT TEAM! JIAYOUS!
so how's your week going?

I'm gonna survive the semester! Week 3 let's go! I'm readyyyyy!

Tonight, I sorted out my thoughts. Got some answers to my questions.
It made me ponder. I gave all in, I know it crystal clear.

But I guess, no matter what, it's back to square one aka the truth... it hits me.

Maybe I shouldn't have given it too much thought, but I'm glad that things are turning out fine &
I'm putting all faith and trust in God's plan for me. Anyways, afterall, I must say I'll really good at just convincing myself that there's nth to think about & somehow, I'll just fall asleep on my bed.

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