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Greetings from USA!

*Screams and Waves*!

Princess arrival, Finally here in States! ✈
Unfortunately, flight was delayed 4hours, supposed to be arriving in New York in the morning, but by the time we got there, it was the afternoon already. sighs :( Plus, am on a tour, so I felt the time given was really not enough. Every state and every iconic site was more of a touch-and-go. AND MY AWESOME BUT NOT ENOUGH TIME SHOPPING CRAZE! Makes me feel like I wanna wanna come back here for exchange or internship in Uni, New York oh New York *sings*

Other than that, things here are going well.

Am loving everyday's American breakfast. Ohmy Eggs, Cereals and Granolas, not forgetting the freshest fruits goodness!

The hotel beds here are royal-like, even those non-5star hotels. All of them are tall huge ones with very comfy soft pillows, my head has been enjoying comfort for the past few days.

Visited places like New York, New Jersey and WashingtonDC. Stepped foot at least... Yes. I can now say I've been to NY's Times Square, UN Place, The Whitehouse etc. How amazing!

Time flies, it's already Day 6 this morning as I'm typing this.
Travelling to Canada by coach on a roadtrip.
Lancester County ✈ Canada
Takes about 6hours from here.
Bought Wordsearch from the Giant Hypermart last night, hope it lasts me for the day!

Till then,


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