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*P.S when God was blessing others with the gift of height, He left me out realizing that great things come in tiny packages, so instead I am gifted with endless energy and a big wide smile to get through difficult times.

Forever & always, a child of God. Through this cozy little virtual haven, I hope each post inspires at least someone out there with my life stories.

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Do they ring a bell? 12years ago, when I was a little girl, I remember getting my hands on these Hello Kitty plushies.
Honestly, I don’t think any Singaporean or anyone in Singapore would ever forget the back then Hello Kitty & Dear Daniel craze! The six-week promotion to celebrate the crossing of the Millennium saw Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel dressed in wedding costumes of different cultures. Practically those who loved these cats with no mouth literally went crazy queuing up for hours to complete their full set of kitties!

Like what I always say, Macs don't have to be afraid of having no business... if ever they are facing strong competition, just come up with ANOTHER Hello Kitty craze! Okay, just kidding about that, but one thing I kid you not, is that... NOW, you have it! GOOD NEWS! These ever-popular Japanese Kitty plush dolls are back at McDonalds! And the iconic feline is set to create YET another wave of Hello Kitty fever in Singapore.
I was super meowly glad to be invited to this special preview event to be 1 out of the 15 first people in Singapore to get my hands on those cute little cats!  Met up with my fellow HK LOVERS, Angie, Fenny & Joyce before heading down to McDonalds' @ Alocassia, where the exclusive event was held.
Macs Hello Kitty & Smoothies Launch Event - May 2012
At the Event Launch!
Since Hello Kitty events are quite 'once in a blue moon', I decided to dress to the theme! It certainly didn't take me that much of a special effort as it comes to me quite naturally. *swipes hair & waves* TeeHee!
And the event went on...
When the people from Macs took out the plushies, we totally jizzed and started spamming photos of them! FIRST IN SG to set our eyes and hands on them!
Photo credits to William

Angie, Fenny, Myself, Joyce

MEOW~ *in kitty lingo*
Macs Hello Kitty & Smoothies Launch Event - May 20126

w the other pretty bloggers
w Joyce!
Dinner Courtesy of Macs, overloaded orders!
Decided to give the Spicy McNuggets a try! Esp since I have been eating Fillet O Fish for the past 2days already...
Not bad, I must say!

Afterwhich, we took lots of group photos... I mean, what else do bloggers do when they get-together right?

Hello Kitty Bloggers
Photo credits to Angie :D

Heads Up, my Dearest Readers!
Come this Thursday, 17th May 2012, these cute McDonaldland Hello Kitty plush toys will be availble at S$3.60 with every McDonald's Extra Value Meal  purchased. Only 1 toy entitled to 1 EVM! Alternatively, if you don't feel like having Macs, yet still want these Hello Kitty toys, either you psycho your friends to eat it OR don't fret! You could purchase them separately at S$9 each!

The adorable Hello Kitty collectible plushies come in 4 different McDonalds' characters:

The FULL Set!
Basically, this time round, they are inspired by the McDonalds' Characters which most of us would be familiar with. I'm sure you have seen them before at least once in your entire life.

In partnership with Sanrio, McDonald's introduces its first ever McDonaldland Hello Kitty plush toys featuring a series of 4 Hello Kitty characters each decked out in costumes inspired by McDonaldland characters


Hamburglar Hello Kitty
Macs Hello Kitty & Smoothies Launch Event - May 20123
Grimace Hello Kitty
Macs Hello Kitty & Smoothies Launch Event - May 20122
Birdie Hello Kitty
Ronald Hello Kitty

Availability Period

Hamburglar - 17 May to 23 May

Grimace - 24 May to 30 May
Birdie - 31 May to 6 June

Ronald - 7 June to 13 June

Collect all 4 to form a full Ronald McDonalds & Friends set!

Promotion begins TOMORROW and is available *while stocks last.

Thanks to McDonalds, all of us were given a goodie bag each consisting of 1 Hello Kitty plushie from the full collection as well as a cute Hello Kitty specs!
Happen to get the whiteframe one, yay. Because the 2 I have currently are blackframed

Everything happens for a Reason!

Okay... speaking of the plushies, since we were only given 1, that means I have to queue to collect the other 3 :/
Would you help me form a full set? *poppy eyes* I'll love u to bits! ❤❤❤
*back to reality*
In the meantime, I'll leave you all with lots of love, XOXO!
Macs Hello Kitty & Smoothies Launch Event - May 20125

Spam your Hello Kitty NOW!

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