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O levels 4 years later

I THINK YOU GUYS SHOULD READ THIS FIRST before reading this entry,
if you are interested in knowing my thoughts on O level day itself, or my grades? hahaha!


These were the only pictures of me on the Day of my O level results.
I was too nervous to even take out my camera to camwhore *facepalm* -.- But thanks to Alina who was still super enthu and who cheered me up making me less nervous, I got these 2 pictures. Good memorable keeps!

Ya Ting & I
OMG, look at my stone face -.- Totally zombie-fied.

Alina & I
Thankgod, all of us look much prettier now *teeheees*

Anyways, it's been 4years.
I can vividly remember the day I received my O level results slip. The before, during, aftermath.

I attended caregroup for a final prayermeet with the EastGrads at Angel's place. Dad dropped me off and when I got down the car, he told me something I would always remember in my life (and something I would tell my kids in future). He said 'No matter what results you get, please come home. We won't scold you even if you do badly'. Sweet yet funny. K I think he thought I would go die or something :/ Very drama. hahaha! I don't know, I probably would emo crash and die la k.

After caregroup session, felt so much mroe at Ease. God always work wonders! Went to school with Ya Ting. Arrived at the hall super early & we met Alina there. Don't ask me where the rest of my clique were, actually come to think about it now, it's a good question... Hmmm, I don't know, beats me too. haha!

So anyways, the Principal went on talking about the grades in General, Top Student Revealed, etc.

Judgement Time

Most of my friends got their results slip earlier than me because my register number was one of the back few :( I only had Ya Ting to wait with me because her register number was just one after mine. hahaha. So anyways, I saw some being happy but most of them brokedown. I don't know is it because mine was the last express class or whatsoever, but that's not the point because I see friends from the best express classes breaking down too. In my mind at that moment, I was thinking 'Wlau they cfm still do damn well, it's just not up to their own expectations' sigh sigh major sigh. Then Alina who got her grades very early, came to the both of us & she was super happy. I felt so happy for her. And, she being very nice decided to accompany me to go infront of my form teacher when it was my turn (:

So finally, it was MY turn

I saw my teacher's face. She lid up immediately, but still, I didn't know what that mean. Then she said 'Congrats Samantha, you TOPPED the class'. I cried immediately (tears of joy), all I could remember was there was many people crowding around me and amongst those who heard, they started congratulating me. I don't know why but I had this sudden joy in me. Yet, on the other hand, top the class doesn't mean anything right? BECAUSE if everyone else had done badly, so what if I topped. So I calm myself down and my teacher continued by saying I got 5 As. I was like WTF ARE YOU SERIOUS!?! I scored better than those people in the best express class? Glory to my own class! #winalready #notpossible #omgreally? YAY. That's basically my thoughts back then

Honestly, as I'm typing this now, I'm having goosebumps *facepalm AGAIN*

Anyways, all I want to say is, I can totally understand how the students are feeling right now and will be feeling tomorrow, because I've been through the stages of O levels. This is the final stage.

Goodlucks everybody! You can do it, face it with a 平常心 Anyways it's over, whatever you do, cannot change the results!!!

And, if you are normally a camwhorer like me, can you please perk yourself up and take more pictures. Don't be like me, loser. hahaha I regret totally, cause if I had more camwhore shots, I can blog about it now :/

Come to TP if you have a choice, because Temasek Polytechnic is The Poly to be...

Btw, I'm so nice, I dug out my other O levels posts for you all. Don't judge my thoughts or my English. It was back then -.- Secondary4!

Saying thanks:


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