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*P.S when God was blessing others with the gift of height, He left me out realizing that great things come in tiny packages, so instead I am gifted with endless energy and a big wide smile to get through difficult times.

Forever & always, a child of God. Through this cozy little virtual haven, I hope each post inspires at least someone out there with my life stories.

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Hello 2012, Thankyou 2011!


Regardless of the day,date,time or year, I'm always thankful for these: the simplest things in life


In 2011, these 365 days taught me many things.


So anyways, it's time to reflect and count our blessings for what God has given to me for the past 1 year, Year 2011. Well, firstly & most importantly, I'm glad to be alive & kicking. Wheee! I've survived a year of bliss & some sufferings whatever may come. Besides that, it's time to recharge and prep ourselves for the upcoming year ahead of us, I consider that: A toast to surviving another year. Let's start the new year with a bang, bombz!

I know God has a plan for me, he always has. But whether he chooses to reveal it to me, it's another issue. Every yearend and the actual start of a new year, I blog & I record down the major happenings of the past year. Was looking back at past posts & besides setting new year resolutions as always, one thing similar is that I thanked/appreciated every clique/group of friends! Really, so here it goes:

(In no particular order)

Thanks for a wonderful 2011 and I look forward to appreciating the upcoming year with all of you...


Thanks girls for always being there for me, no matter what! Through I'm may not always be physically with you girls, thanks for not giving up on me. Always enjoy the times we spend together cause I can feel you all treat me sincerely and genuinely. Thanks for helping me stay dedicated and come closer to God everytime as well. Countdown and Clubbing was awesome, can't believe we actually clubbed together, wow! hahaha! We damn hip, please! God's so good to me, so are you all!



I'm always very proud to say I still keep in touch & even meet up with my primary school classmates. I mean, some of my other friends don't even have their primary school friends on facebook. Hmm... Honestly, it's amazing and I can't believe we can actually stay quite close-knitted although it's been almost the 9th year together already. WOW time flies. I can't lie but have to admit that you all are really the people who watch me grow up. Seeing how you guys grow up maturely makes me smile. Cheers to more years ahead and plan more outings soon!

IJ Clique


Jie Mei Huas! You girls are another group of friends I grew up together with. Seeing how we grew from teenagers to young ladies, heh, we have really grown up. Now got boyfriends already ah, tsk! haha Anyways, I'm always keeping my faith in you girls and I'm glad despite us leaving sec school and entering a whole new Tertiary education, yet we still unknowingly will put aside time during special occasions and each other's birthday to meet up. I know there will always be more outings and meetups to come. Theme parties soon k? I've got too much to say to every single girl, but I shall end off with... Love you babes!

IJ Drama Babygirls!


Dear girls, thankgod for letting us meet in such a weird way. From Drama class. We have been through so much dramatic moments and it's quite amazing we are still so close despite having graduated from KC 3years ago. Every meeting with you girls is sure to be a significant insights of your life. It's THE definition of catch up sessions, especially when dearest Michelle talking non-stop about her life *but it's cool I love it that way too*. Can't wait for movie night tml and clubbing on wed, farewell Andrea. It's quite sad to see Michelle and Andrea studying overseas, but on the other hand, it's why and how I'm able to appreciate them more. Like we will definitely make it a point to meet up more often when they are back in Singapore... compared to if they were to be in Singapore, I doubt we would meet so often, right? ^^ Anyways, I'm very sure that you girls will be really successful in future.. Lawyers, Bankers, wheee! Oei, by then, you girls better not forget me k! :/ I'll make sure I stick our photos right infront of your faces if you do!!!



Thank God for letting me meet such a wonderful group of people with common interest! I like having dinners and outings with you all, cause are those type that will take perfecto pictures when food comes, even if it means the food being cold. Damn cute right! haha. At least I don't have to feel so guilty if I'm dining with other people, cause I don't want them to have to wait for me to take pics already then can start eating... you know the feeling.... hahaha, thank god for you guys la! (: I look forward to attending more blogger outings with you guys! Don't know anyone it's okay, I will still go... make friends lor
*forever alone, cries!!!*... Yeah! From movies to media sessions to even overseas trips, so fun!







In Year 2011, we achieved afew milestones in our clique lifespan. #1 Finally went for a proper clubbing session with everyone remb to bring their ICs. #2 Guys initiated an outing. hahaha, okay reminder, can someone please plan another BBQ or outing session to mark Year 2012 soon? (;

You guys hold a significant place in my heart!
Besides my campmates in TP, you guys are one of the first people that I crossed paths with in TP. Makes my school life so much more fun. Without you all, I think I will die in Poly already!!! I will always remember that we are a very indecisive group of people, like helloooo! You know, we can stand outside the LT after lecture for close to an hour JUST simple deciding where to go for lunch. AND, even after walking away from the LT, just when we thought we were moving out of Business school to our lunch location, I tell you... we can just stop AGAIN at the entrance of Business school. LOL We are really damn epic one but I think we damn cute too :/

2B14: Through it's only for half a year, 1 sem class, however, I met new people and made good friends in class! People like the guys who are damn funny and show no airs. I remember how you bunch waited for me when I had consultation although I told you guys I will take damn long. Then I walk out of HSS, I thought you all left so I go towards the lift. YET, you all are still there waiting, seating at the staircase! LOL. And also, our BBQ/Chalet. We quite onz ah, so short period of time together as a class, yet omg we had a chalet?!! Thanks for being a joy and being part of my poly education! (:

Current Class, 3B08


3 more moths to go, before graduation! I'm enjoying all of your presence in class esp after attending another tutorial session w another class, now I know how good my own class is. Sorry if I ask too many questions during class or am a nuisance, please tolerate me and my slow learning abilities. Well, in Year 2011, we have come a long way. I will always remember chionging our CEM event together, how we almost crash and die and erm failed the module. Good and bad memories made... let's continue to rock and roll corpcomm tourism major! heh! (:

School Groupmates


Thank you everyone whom I have worked with before, because at least I didn't get those damn sucky groupmates! Yes, thank god man. Everytime I hear other people's stories, mine's nothing compared to theirs already. I always say that no matter what, I really miss my beloved year 1 groupmates, just cause they are from my dear 1B05. We are super chiongsters when it comes to work but we play damn bloody hard too. How rare. I miss those days. Currently, Year 3 life is different but I'm glad I have good groupmates to survive the last 3months with as well. I hope we can do well, we must okay!!!
Anyways, hi groupmates past & present, thanks for accepting me and the style I do work, cause I know it's very different from when I'm at play. I can be a bitch at times, I'm so sorry. haha really thanks for accommodating & everything. Appreciate it lots!!!

Superstar/Acting Clique
It's been quite alot of media events we have attended. You guys really see the other side of me when chasing stars. OMG super unglam but that's the way I am and thanks for accepting me for who I am. teehee. I can't wait to attend more events, Star Awards got ticket anyone? Thru this events, I have met people from different walks of life, some people I would never ever cross paths with if it wasn't for these type of events. But I thank you all for being ever so enthusiastic and bui pai seh, making me just bui pai seh also la. haha!



Thanks everyone in the company for having me. Love the 3 girls especially much, you know who you are. Not forgetting the guys for being ever so funny and cheeky? haha! Looking forward to visiting you guys when I'm free from school. Can we go on an overseas trip sometime soon? *poppy eyes* ^^ Jiayous at work, I have faith in you all (: Btw, I miss playing squash and having chillout dinner sessions after that too. Ohman!

Not forgetting the pretty models I have met as well. Like Shine, Yi Rong, Cindy etc. I'll miss liaising with them cause they always give me nice replies. LOL. What a way to put it, yeah but you get what I mean ^^

And of course, the people over at Nuffnang. That's when I got to know these super cool group of people. It was nice meeting all of you during my short internship, wow amazing you know... 3months seems so short once again. sighs. Dear Jayne & Gabby, my fellow hello kitty lovers, I'll probably see you all during blogger meets really soon!



My dear bbygirls! Formed because of my USS lobang, fireworks, haha! Then we became the Clubbing & Foodie Clique. My first virgin experience with you girls.Food we also chiong, go steamboat, go hotel buffet, we damn zai, damn ONZ one! Celebrated Valentines Day & X'mas with you girls this year, we have indeed come a long way. bbygirls! Ni men hen take care of wo, xiexie ni men!(







My dearest TP Business Clique Girls! ALL SO PRETTY I DAMN JEALOUS!
Indeed, we have grown in numbers, if I'm not wrong. Familiar faces anyways. haha thanks for attending so many BSC events, you girls are like the backbone of our events. Always love shopping and dining with you all and of course, taking photos. Very happy to have known you girls, can't wait for our gradtrip with all the other Year 3s. Our guys clique tooo. LMAOZ. And lastly, we are the Proggers for life!

BSC Family:






You guys are like my 2nd family in TP. Always having a room to go to, a human being to talk to. From being a subcomm in Year 1 to a maincomm in Year 2 and now, to being the current President AY11/12 in my final year. WOW. Beyond my wildest dreams!

Another 4 more months of the AY to go, crucial 4 months. It's now or never. I don't want to regret anything especially after leaving TP upon graduation. haha, anyways, cut it short. So far, thanks current comm for showing me love and letting me not regret my decision to rerun this year. Thanks for everything we have been thru together, be it as a comm or individually with you all. One thing to say: AI SI NI MEN LE!

*copied from last year's* ZETTEN


You all are the reason why my TP life is so interesting! If I didn't attend FO in my freshie year, I wouldn't have known so many people, I wouldn't have been exposed to what TPSU/BSC & hence, wouldn't be so active in TP! So thank you very much. Both GLs and fellow Freshies. My ZETTEN GLs were the best, they treated us like princesses! I can probably say it's because I have never been to such type of camps in my entire life until I joined FO so I felt the spirit of what I defined camp to be, is so different. Such an eye-opener. But besides that, it's also really the TP Spirit that they showed me that makes the whole camp definition different! Freshies were FOW clique so we not so close already, sadly. But thank god there's the FOC clique that I got to know thru TPSU. WOW, such a small world right. Because of them, now I join in for all the Zetten outings already, cause their FOC clique was much closer. So, you see... everything happens for a reason. I love Zetten, my first empire is always my first love!

*copied from last year's* NOVIR


I love you all equally much. I remember how initially the Zetten people in Novir, always compared and say Zetten is better. But aftermath of OTC, during FO, and now the aftermath of FO, I tell you... Novir is equal love. Yesterday during the end of OTC AY11/12, we did all the aizai pass empire cheers, from like what 4years ago??! + last year's mass GL Cheer. The cheer standards were much higher then, that I can swear by! But my point is, you know what? When it was Novir's turn to cheer, I cheered freaking loud, I cheered like there's no tml, I can even tear while cheering. Cause... In my mind, all I saw was the 6 days of FO living hell, we went thru together, as an empire. Those were the days man...

+Plus, what's the most amazing is: the Year 1 GLs were looking at us older GLs cheer. And the NOVIR freshies (Now Year 1 GLs) were seating together. There were so many of them that became GLs!!! OHMYGOD, so consoling la! And so, they cheered together with us. Wow, as I'm typing this, I'm feeling so glad and happy, my hand hair is like standing, wth! NOVIR LOVE!

*copied from last year's* SKELTO

Everything happens for a reason. You know, I know... I can tell that it is an empire I will grow to love equally much, because these 3 days have been really fun with you guys. There were times we wanted to scream in agony, but seeing how much we cheered together and played games together having so much fun, we didn't want to scold already. All friends, One family, Scold for what? You think scolding very fun meh? No! haha, so I'm actually glad that this empire is different. Because pass few OTC and FO, you see so many days right, 80% of the debriefing time is all about SCOLDINGS& REFLECTING & CRYING SESSIONS, something people out of FO will NEVER EVER understand. So yeah, in SKELTO, our Year 3s won't really scold but we all know that they mean what they say. We as the Year 2s, are damn nice people also, not the type that will scold as well. All we want is to Share and pass down whatever we got from our seniors, down to the current Year 1s. Okay, so SKELTO, I think we must bond more thru outings and communications, and we will do fine. Last but last forever! ^^ Love you people already!!! <3



Starting my FO with ZETTEN & ending my 4 year FO journey with GRIKO. Can't believe time flies, it feels as through I just entered poly. Ohwells, having said that, you guys are my Year 3 empire & I can't change that fact. Just wanna enjoy my last FO year with you all, please have truckloads of fun together okay! We are all in FO for a reason, prove it and show the rest what you have. I have faith in all of you, don't care which year you are in... Just be yourself, noone's gonna judge, at least not for me (:


Having said that, I’ve got my new year resolutions ready to list for 2012! Pretty much the same as last year through... (: Well, making resolutions... it’s all about knowing what you want to do, doing what you love doing and enjoying every moment of it. Most importantly, knowing everything you do is an experience, and never regret whatever you decided on doing.


  1. Love GOD, Love PEOPLE!
  2. Take more Pictures!
  3. Slog hard for the last 3 months of Polytechnic Education - Studies & BSC!
  4. Blog more, more Media-related Events to attend
  5. Put Cap on Tooth
  6. Learn Dance (If I got time? IDK)
  7. Join & Teach in Kids' Ministry
  8. Renovate my house & room!!!
  9. Meet my 王子 (in university probably?)
  10. Try our more nice dining places & blog about it to recommend to my readers
  11. Throw/Attend an awesome Yacht Party!
  12. Travel to Taiwan, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Japan, Korea, New York, etc (Anywhere will do!)
  13. Visit Hello Kitty Land in Japan
  14. Visit Disneyland, this time with my friends
  15. Go on a Cruise with my friends
  16. Most importantly, to be HAPPY everyday!!!

Thanks for being part of my life. I'm very glad to have met all of you this year. It's never too late. I'm sure GOD placed every single one of you in my life, for a reason. There is no coincidences.

Thanks EVERYONE for making 2011 such an awsomeee year!

May the upcoming 2012 be a fruitful and exciting year ahead!
Love yourself and everyone around you ♥

Happy New Year, everybody.


Carpe diem! :)

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