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Day 1 of Internship, 57 more to go

As simple as the title of this blogpost is, yes, I'll basically be penning down my first day at work!

It's just the 1st day, yet I'm already tasked with work to do, & I told my friends on whatsapp grp convo... YuXiu was like 'Sam you #foreverhectic one sia'. In school, I'm so busy. At work, I'm entertained by my workload. Great. HAHA But Honestly, I'm glad I have work to do. It beats hearing stories from my other friend's first day at work, having nothing to do at all. Seriously, it's a waste of my time. If you know me, I can't stay still, you either got to give me challenging (okay maybe not that so) work or let me sleep, just don't let me laze around... if not I'm keep annoying people around me. Haha!

So I came into office as awkward as ever, and saw many racks of clothes infront of me before seeing my other colleagues who were pretty cool. The funny thing is when I look around me, I saw many familiar clothings - Either I saw them in BKK the past few days there or that I have them in my wardrobe! LOL. I've clothes all around me, I'll 'die' under a pile of clothes sua! HEHEH!^^

As Elaine is currently in London w Boss Ming, Maylene took over her role as my supervisor for the time being...
She went through with me the new site and explain stuffs to me (: Nice ^^ The others started introducing themselves to me, so there's both guys and girls. I thought JPB only had girls actually. LOL All of them has talents in their field of work, wow super interesting! Wanna get to know each of them better... hopefully, will get the chance to!

What I did 1st thing today is to look through the newly revamped online shopping website! OMG So neat & pretty! YAY! I've got sneak preview but sorry, it's corporate rules, I can't disclose any info about the new site until official launchday! Then I'm supposed to do product description which was quite unfamiliar to me :/ However, I tried and did much research and through the activity, I learnt more about clothings - The type of design, material, vocab to use, colour blends, what goes best paired with it etc. In descriptions, you got to be as specific as ever! Ohyes, I'm kinda gonna be a fashion 'slave'. A fashionista, hopefully! Because... I'm supposed to do fashion research on latest and upcoming trends, etc and always keep myself updated with fashion news. Not just women but men too. God, sometimes I felt more like an apparel design student than a Business PR student. LOL! Whatever comes my way, I'm taking it with an open mind, soul and heart. I get to learn and read fashion blogs, magazines, etc. Not bad at all!

Then came lunchtime! Was drizzling but I still went lunch with the others. They showed me around and the journey with them made me more familiar with the office surroundings. Apparently, there are quite a number of famous food like the Prawn Mee, Bak Chor Mee, etc. I swear tml I'm going there earlier to recce the place so next few weeks won't be too ulu for yours truly... After lunch, it started to rain like noone's business, Cats & Dogs. Thank God, we brought umbrellas. Thanks Uncle Willy for sheltering me... through all of us were drenched :( So cold, especially when we got back to office w the aircon on :/ Oh bytheway, there were some babes who pop by the office for a photoshoot. Sighs, the girls are really chio ^^ ohyes, and those random teasings going ard the place, muahaha... How exciting!

Back in office, I continued with the product descriptions. After finishing it, I sent it to Maylene. Hopefully, it's alright (: Then she tasked me with another job - Planning! Planning of the new JPB blog site. Well, I love blogs, typical blogger is me. Right, but this is a corporate blog so I've have to plan all the title, contents, etc. All has to have a media angle and the challenging part is to link it to JPB. I'm much better off with JPB news, lifestyle. Fashion not so YET. But I will learn and soon, get the hang of it! It's not that HARD if I put my HEART into it. I'll dig out all the juicy fashion news for ya all' k! Yup, after doing it halfway, Maylene told me to 'sell' my topics to her. Glad she was fine with them and liked some of my topic ideas (: Supposed to continue it at work tml, guess I'm gonna do some now at home rather than waste time in office to complete it... so if I complete it tonight, maybe I'll have new work to do tml! TEEHEEE! :D

Left work around 7pm w Maylene & Waye Ning. Thank God some buses go to the East side, Eunos MRT to be specific. haha!
So that marks my 1st day at work... Great! FYI, I’ll be in an office, b
ut I don’t need OL dressing. HENG! I totally felt v overdressed today and just before I left, I asked if I can wear less formal plus slippers. They were like 'Ya sure, wear PJs also can. Be comfortable! You today quite dressy already'. HAHA OMG 1st day syndrome. Happens to everyone la k! Watch me, I'm gonna be wearing dressings, shirts, tops, skirts, shorts to work already la. Coupled with slippers, no shoes nor heels (:

This is what I call a JOB.
God Bless my other days coming!

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