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BANGKOK (Day 1): Platinum Mall & Kao Shan

This is a super duper uber overdue post!

Aug 2010's trip to BANGKOK, the land of smiles

Took TigerAirways, a budget airline over. Thus, I stepped foot into Changi Airport's Budget Terminal, for the 1st time in my life.

It wasn't as bad as I expected...
Singapore airports have some standard afterall, teeheee^^
To my surprise, they actually have many nice brand shops inside!


Didn't check in any luggage, cause there's no need to. Go there buy everything...
0 kg!


Since we had some time before boarding, decided to have breakfast first!
Early morning, Macs Brekkie!


Honestly, I never liked Macs Breakfast!


Time to fly off ~ #likeafinally!


Around more than an hr later, we arrived in BKK


I was so happy to see this! BKK already so cheap, & now, SALE?!?


Okay, here's the tricky part. The arrival hall.
It's really crowded, packed with foreigners OMGZ. We took really long to queue & to even GET OUT of the airport, let alone getting pass this section. hmpf! :(

So you see, always book an early flight! By the time you get to your hotel in the cityarea, the shops are probably open by then!


Cabbed to the hotel ^^

Arrived at our pretty little boutique hotel, Baiyoke Boutique Hotel.
Best value hotel & it's really nice. Worth it!


Went to Platinum to shop first!

Had lunch as well at the foodcourt on top, yay!
It was my 1st take of the authentic Thai food, which I really love!


Around the afternn, when our hands were full of shopping loots (DAMN HEAVY PLEASEEE!), we proceeded back to the hotel for the official check-in...


Here's the items I got for the entire afternn & evening @ Platinum Mall (:


After putting down our stuffs, we WASTED NO TIME & proceeded out for dinner and more shopping @ Khao San market area. Every minute counts...

Sadly, it started to rain while we arrived:(
I was SO WORRIED it would flood & we would died :/

@drenchedkid92 :(
The rain totally Dampened our moods...But we managed to find seats at a cafe, ah a sheltered place at least!FOR SOME LIGHT DINNER SNACK.

Nice, Simple Dinner

After that, thankfully the rain stopped a little. Managed to do some shopping ^^ Bought my rainbow dress after walking back & forth the shop contemplating and seeing if the uncle would give me a discount. Ah!

Was a little hungry after walking around, so we settled for supper at Macs before cabbing back to the hotel. I swear, it was the best fillet o fish burger I have ever eaten. DOUBLE fillet somemore! Could totally eat 2 burgers of such at a go! Best part of course is, the fish is those fresh type, not like the processed ones you find in Singapore. At least, that's what I felt. Also, their chilli sauce is different from Singapore's! It's so much nicer! Forgot to take a pic of it:/ I was too hungry. By the time I remember, ohno, it's already in my tummy!

To end off the day, with all my proud Barang Barangs from Day 1!~


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