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KC Evening Music Dance & Drama 2011


Without fail each year, I attend CHIJ KC's, my alma mater's EMDD Night with my girlfriends!
It's one of the clique's annual events.


This year, it's no different. Same company, lesser than last year but still good. The not so good thing is that EMDD is right down in school this year. WOW. From my batch's at Victoria Concert Hall to at my school's NETBALL court. When I first heard the news, I was like WHUTTT? ARE YOU SERIOUS?!! Didn't want to go.

Even when I was seated at the netball court, with the $2 tablecloth mat we bought from the school's booth, we couldn't believe we were really seated there. LIKE FOR REAL. Guess this is called bond and love for KC! haha

SO HERE'S THE EMDD for ya folks!

The 'Picnic under the stars' we had...

First up, was the Chinese Orchestra!


Didn't manage to take pics of all performances, was too engrossed! lol, but I must say I'm really proud of Drama Club girls! My CCA so I'm gonna have to be biased, sorry! bur say real, they were really good! HEH!

Next is Chinese Drama!
Their chinese standards damn zai man, got the accent...

FYI, the costumes of the trees were designed by our v own Ms Lim LiYin!


Then, we had the Choir!
I think their outfits this year as much nicer & sexier ahems... (:


Now for the finale performance, KC Dance!

Since my time, KC Dance is one of the items I remb that gets the most applause! I can't deny & am proud to say KC Dance is v dope!(: I always look forward to watching it ^^


Flowers Pretty in Pink
for the performers...


Just when we thought it was the end, NO!!! Cause, there's a surprise performance for US! Specially by our own KC Teachers. WOW, amazing dance to the song 'Jai Ho' (:


Here's the LOVELY girls I went with! (:


Met my Junior, Krystal (:


And, Alina went to find Ms Sim so I went with her(:



Ms Angelita Tan
My sci teacher in Sec 1 & 2!(:


Went into the Chior room, since we discovered it was unlocked! Which's quite rare...



On the way out of school, met Sheryl!


Just had to pose at the chio spiral Staircase...

Clothes: Nude-Coloured Romper by

At the schoolgate, some shots before we all part ways home...


Always an IJ Girl...


The Quote comes from here, 'Once an IJ Girl, Always an IG Girl'


You can take a girl out of KC, but you can never take KC out of a girl

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