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DOMINO's Say Cheese; Latest CHEESY Surprise!


The domino's new cheese pizza shows you how cheesy it sure CAN get!

Was invited to DOMINO's CheeseBurst NEW! Pizza Launch @ their Elise Mall branch, Pasir Ris

Just to give you a HEADS UP, DOMINO'S PIZZA like how it's brandname signifies, is a company that sells Pizzas and apparently, I would say their unique selling point (which will be elaborated on in the later part of this post) is the fact that they are the ONLY pizza company that guarantees delivery in 30mins OR another pizza for FREE!

Yes, you didn't read that wrongly. I'm serious, so are they.

Love being the media, because we get media treatment. That's one of the perks of my job! Anyohows, upon being seated, we were served greentea to refresh ourselves and not long later, the PR personnel handed us Domino's Media Kit, which contained the Programme flow of this media event (Pdt Launch), Press Release as well as the delivery menu. Of course, not forgetting a Letter, courtesy of Domino's for the treat - They gave each of us a complimentary Cheese Burst Meal!

Which is what I'm gonna blog about today!


This is the sight I saw when I first entered the small cozy place...


Instantly, this banner caught my eye. It definitely WILL catch your eye, unless you are blind! Because it's so huge and there are so many smaller versions of the same thing hung and pasted around every part of the shop space.


So, this is how their Pizzas work!

Choose from Domino's 3 different Pizza Crusts (Classic Hand Tossed, Crunchy Thin Crust & New York Crust), then pick your favourite sauce & toppings, TADA you get your pizza you love because it was YOUR choice of combination!


So now, Good News for all Cheese-Lovers, including myself... WE have another choice of crust, which is the Cheese Burst, 4th crust to be launched in Singapore!

The event officially started with Mr. Ba U Shan-Ting, Chief Operating Officer of Domino’s Pizza Singapore & Malaysia, addressing us with his welcome speech, which was long but insightful and certainly, impressive! He was passionate about the Business and it was evidently clear that he knew Domino's inside out.


He explained about DOMINO'S PIZZA being...


The No.1 Pizza Delivery EXPERTS.

To make sure that they do what they preach, this is an evident that I happen to see while looking around the shop space. The TV screen actually shows the orders and the status of the pizza. It ensures that the pizza is cooked to perfection and delivered within the 30mins timeframe.


Introducting Domino's Latest CHEESY product!
Domino’s Pizza’s new Cheese Burst Crust

In a quest to deliver exciting new products, the world’s leading pizza delivery experts has rolled out its latest addition to its suite of offerings, the tantalising new Cheese Burst Crust.

What so special about this Cheese Burst Crust?
It is loaded with irresistible creamy cheddar cheese sauce oozing between two crispy and tasty Crunchy Thin Crusts. Thus, the cheese literally bursts when you bite on the pizza...


Domino’s Pizza’s new Cheese Burst Crust is the ultimate mouth-watering burst of heavenly creamy cheddar cheese sauce for die-hard cheese lovers! It comes in a variety of flavours, as shown from the pictures of different pizzas, below:

* I couldn't possibly eat all 5 pizzas so I only took the my fav flavoured pizza & that's got to be the Hawaiian (as featured below)

Hawaiian Paradise (Smoked Chicken, Turkey Ham and chunky Pineapples)

It's a unique combination right! Normally, you don't find smoke chicken! Goodjob! Will definately come back for this flavour!

Extravaganzza Pizza (Smoked Chicken Breast, Chicken Sausage, Green Pepper, Onions & Olives)

I didn't really like the combination personally, so I didn't try it. However, for people who loves the ingredients, I'm sure it will taste good!

Chilli Chic (Smoked Chicken, Onions, Red Pepper + Chilli Flakes)

It looks really spicy, like a chilli cha cha. But I'm sure it would arouse your taste buds especially on days you just wanna SPICE up your food choices!

Classic Pepperoni (Beef Pepperoni & Mozzarella Cheese)

Attempting to get the oozing effect of the cheese...


Now, it's time to eat! ACTIONS speak louder than WORDS and PICTURES, don't they!

This is the process of nom nom nom-ing...


Jeannie & Myself w the huge Hawaiian Pizza!

If you think that's NOT Cheesy enough, I'll show you how cheesy it can get!


WOOHOO, see, I didn't lie!


In the set meal combination, here are some sides that go along with it!

Garlic Bread

Golden Roasted Drummets

Taste good! But quite a common snack combi found in pizza sets. Can be compared to Pizza Hut's drumlets as well.

Crazy Chicken Crunchies (Spicy Tom Yam Flavoured)

What a unique flavoured chicken snack. Honestly, doesn't it look like any other fried chicken from the outside? I have never come across this combination of chicken chunks & tom yam before!

& I wonder how they make this because the crispiness of the outsides seems very detached from the tenderness of the chicken inside.

Onion Rings

Didn't try this because I don't like onion rings, but from the outside, it looks well fried!
So crispy and goldenish...

How can a meal be complete without it's desserts right?


Look at what I'm holding on to?
YES, for this meal, it comes with the special NEW CHOCOLATE LAVA CAKE!

Funny to find a lava cake dessert in a pizza chain but DOMINO'S PIZZA has it...

The chocolate, like the cheese, oozes in your mouth.

A GOOD lava cake is really hard to make, and to make so many of it at a go in mass order YET with product satisfaction, I must really applause this product. +PLUS, it's only $3.80!!! Where else can you find such a good deal! :>

I found it too sweet, so it's good only if you have a sweet tooth!


After the food tasting sessions, it was time to get down to some Business! Hands-On interaction with the Pizza aka Pizza-Making!

I look super unglam with that, but it's an experience worthed it!

We were honoured to be able to handmade our very OWN pizza with our fav topping combi! YAY! EXCITED MUCH!!!
Through we can't take pictures inside, but it's okay... at least, we get the experience to do so! I doubt I will ever get a chance to walk into a pizza chain's kitchen anyways!

So afew minutes later, we were officially done! Pretty Pizzas in the making till perfecto stage ~ Didn't take too long which was why I finally understood how they can cook + deliver the pizza to their customers within 30minutes!

Us, with our proudly handmade Freshly-Baked from the oven PIZZA!


Handmade by yours truly...

I put ingredients such as Mushrooms, Turkey Ham, Chicken Sausage & Mozzarella Cheese. Not forgetting my fav ingredient in a pizza - the juicy & chunky pineapples! I put them in the letter 'S' formation. Then... while putting the cheese on top, I actually realised that I can't see the 'S' it when it's baked :( But, thankfully when the pizza was out, I still could see some 'shadows' of the alphabet, haha!


The event ended with DOMINO'S famous & unique warcry, led by the Manager.


w Mr Ba U Shan-Ting

w Angie
Hello Kitty FAN too!

w William

w Ying Zi (L) & Domino's PR executive, Melissa (R)



Took a picture with the DOMINO'S CREW before leaving. Feels so much like a USS trip ^^


DOMINO'S PIZZA a good solution if you are in a rush, very hungry and CRAVING FOR A PIZZA!
Visit for your online order, OR alternatively, you can call 6222 6333 to order your pizza!


After the event, I went to my Grandma's house, because they stay at Pasir Ris so since I'm there (& I'm hardly there) so decided to be a goodgirl & visit them! At the same time, can let them try my pizza too! How niceee an idea, right!


Anticipating DOMINO'S new branch, opening in Tampines area! YAY, can ask them to send to TP already...



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