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Forever & always, a child of God. Through this cozy little virtual haven, I hope each post inspires at least someone out there with my life stories.

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GINVERA's NEW! Product Launch BLOGGER's Party!


Glad to be 1 of the 30 lifestyle bloggers who received an invitation from TSS to attend Ginvera's Product Launch. Came as a pleasant surprise! Thanks!

National Museum of Singapore

Upon seeing the vehicle there, I was sure I have reached the right place!


Walking into NOVUS Restaurant, where the event is to be held...

I'm so glad that the organisers bothered to put up signs so as to direct Bloggers around


So what's this event about?

GINVERA has recently launched a NEW! Green Tea product range & here's the 2 products you girls need to know abt!

#1 Whitening Marvel Gel (R) & #2 Nude Cover BB Cream (L)


What so special about it?

It's filled with...
Green Tea – Nature’s Beauty Gift

Green Tea extract is 20 times more antioxidant powerful than Vitamin C & provides superior protection from free radical damage and reduces photo-aging from UV rays.

One of the main vitamins found in Green Tea – Vitamin E is also known for its ability to help skin retain moisture and to slow down the aging process.

Also, what I fancy about it is really, the refreshing Smell. It's green-tea scented, not those creamy smell that you usually get from the other products. Upon using, it's not oily as compared to other brands. I really like how it blends in well with my skintone!


Take a tour around the pretty & posh cozy restaurant (:
Perfect setting for such a product launch event!


Infront of our table, were these range of sample products.

We were supposed to try it but we didn't really touch any of them!

Wide range of products that Ginvera offers!

That's me with no makeup on at all! Hope it doesn't scare you muchies! (:
Peace out yo XD


So, we were earlybirds & they were nice enough to serve us either Tea / Coffee.

I opted for Tea w Sugar, nice combination...

Next up, Appetisers

I didn't try them but I thought they looked really pretty!


Here's the programme flow for the day!


So for PRODUCT INTRODUCTION: The organiser started her introductory 'presentation' with the different range of Products offered.

These below are the Green Tea WHITENING Series.

Take a closer look at those items!

Anyways, here's the 2 STARS of the day!


What are we to do with them?

Of course, to TEST them out!


So how to do so?
I'll show you!

First up, the Aqua Whitening Cream!

It's really less oily with perfect oil control as seen (Look at the blue sheets- the oil control sheet)


We were to do 'Before & After' Effects using a Moisture Test!


After explaining to us what we are supposed to do, she called for the waited to 'SERVE' the products. The way she said it & the literal meaning of 'Serve the Products' made me laugh. Not only me, but the whole place - Everyone was laughing in amusement when the waiter held on to the products, as if they were real food or drinks.

Okay, ermmm.. Food for the Skin! SKINFOOD, YESSSA!!!

So here's my results!
The smaller the number, the dryer the skin.

Can you see my before & after results?!! Such a big jump from 22 my dryskin :( ... to 57 after using the Ginvera product (:


Next & Finally, the BB Cream
It blends in really well with skintones, not too particular about it. I remember using a BB Cream once & my face got really white like a geisha. Don't worry about this, it will look as if you didn't put any makeup on. Besides, it's Total Coverage so it's totally convenient.


Here are the things you need to have before testing...

The Moisture Stick (L) & Recording Sheet (R)


#Step 1: Use the Moisture Stick, measure the degree of moisture on your bare skin


#Step 2: Apply the BB Cream


#Step 3: Use the Moisture Stick, measure the degree of moisture on the part of skin that you apply the BB Cream on

#Step 4: Record down the before & after findings!

#Step 5: Do the same steps once more, but using another product from competitor's brand, aka Brand Y.

After you are done then...


You get the results for which brand of pdt suits you more!


Next up on the Program is CAMPAIGN INTRODUCTION:

10 bloggers took part in this competition & the 30 of us lifestyle bloggers are to listen to their presentations & judge them according. We can then vote for our fav blogger after their presentations.

You guys can go vote for them on the Ginvera Fanpage!

In the midst of the noise & food, managed to snap a picture with Pretty Zi Yin!
Such a small world, when she came into the restaurant, she looked at me & sat down next to me saying I was familiar. I was quite stunned initially but after she explained she's from TP I was like Oh okayyy!(: YAY! & she turns out to be Matt's GF. haha!


While the 10 blogger's presentations were going on, food was served. I like how the food came in tiny portions. Good food are meant to be savored in small bites!

Bacon Potato Bites
Very savory & tasty!

Mushroom Crisps
Love the crust of this dish! The mushrooms were fresh but the smell of this whole combination was quite overwhelming! :/ The plants were too fresh!

Salmon Sandwiches

Strawberry Macaroons
A tad too sweet!

Dark Chocs Truffles
Nice! BUT too sinful & heaty, so I only took 1!

What a better way to end off the event than taking pics & more pics?!!
With the Bloggers on my SIDE of the TABLE!

With the bloggers on my table!

I fancy Individual Shots with each & everyone of them!

OMGZZZ! Pardon me, I look super cui in those pics :(


So what's for my readers?
'Like' the Ginvera FB page @

& stand to win the free samples of those 2 products I have talked about in my blog!

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