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*P.S when God was blessing others with the gift of height, He left me out realizing that great things come in tiny packages, so instead I am gifted with endless energy and a big wide smile to get through difficult times.

Forever & always, a child of God. Through this cozy little virtual haven, I hope each post inspires at least someone out there with my life stories.

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PRESIDENTIAL Life ain't a bed of Roses

Before the results, I walked down BUSINESS school w Zhijun, Fiona & Hadi. Took a video of the elections period... Things will not be the same after today. Even during next year, or even next few year's elections, it will be different people, people photos, different posters, different placement of posters, just so different...

I can imagine looking back at this video afew years later & simply, smiling to myself...

I must say, this year's elections were friendly. Or maybe, just SO MUCH MORE FRIENDLY compared to last year's...


After that, all of us had to take down ALL our posters.

Ohwells... :( All good things have to come to an end right?

w Michelle Tofu Peh!

After that, all of us went to TPSU Students' Lounge to await the results'...
There were LOTS of people!

Had the girls to support us! & of course, our own ex main-comms... ^^

w the girls

It's really like General Elections, just a much smaller scale one.
See we have a RETURNING OFFICER from SAA as well!

& when he had to read out the 'Paragraph A, Subsection Part'... he couldn't even complete a full sentence W/O us all laughing out loud!

It was THAT funny!
Even he himself laughed...

Isaac, SAA
Returning Officer

Here's the Results!...

TPSUonline President of BSC - Samantha Whang & Vice President of BSC- Shawn Loy, Congrats!

Whang Yan Ni Samantha - 303 Votes.

My name was the last (If I'm not wrong) to be announced. I thought the other guys with 200+ votes will be P & VP already, I was damn prepared to take the role of Welfare Sec which I eyed ever since I said I was going to rerun. But no, the announcer announced my name & 350votes came along with it coupled by arousing applauses and screams/shouts. I was stunned and shocked.I could hear my maincommsAY10/11, maincommsAY11/12, SKELTO Freshies & my other close friends. They came up to me to congratulate me. I faced them with a smile but at that moment, I really... couldn't think at all, not to even say thinking straight. I couldn't believe it. God gave me the best - President. WOW! Since he put me to it, he will put me through it.

This year, This role... will be a HUGE test of my trust and faith in God.
I know I have to rely on God more than anyone else and that only he who made me knows me best.
Hoping I can be a salt & light to the school & to people around me just makes me feel good because I am able to spread the word of God through my own actions. That's the only thing I can do for my God who loves me so.


Got interviewed by STOP PRESS (CMM Students Press)

1. How do you feel about your win?

It is my privilege and my honour to be elected as the president for this new AY. The title of president is but a small role which I play in this very big picture & I am honoured to be given the opportunity to do serve the student body and lead the school.

When the results was announced, I was shocked yet happy at the same time. Shocked because though I am a re-runner(I served 1year as a maincomm last year already) I didn't expect to get so many votes. Happy because I managed to garner so many votes which represented my voters trust & faith in me, but this happiness was short lived at that instance, because this joy comes with great responsibilities. I quickly came round and thought to myself 'OH WOW WHAT JUST HAPPENED! It's a one-year 'contract' that I have just gotten myself into!' As much as I was shocked and couldn't think straight at that point of time, I told myself that I will just be honoured and humbly accept the presidential position so as to not let my voters down. Yup, so now that I have calmed down and sort my life out a little, I'm quite excited because I now have the authority to make changes to Business school.

2. So now that you are the president of BSC, what are your plans for BSC?

As the president of BSC, I’m not just a figurehead of the school and club, nor am I just a decision maker on behalf of my main committee. This is a real job with real hard work. But I'm prepared for it. Personally, I would like BSC to be portrayed as the voice for the students.

This year will be a very exciting journey for Business School as my committee has many plans and visions in store for all of us. Great plans ahead - We aim to develop leaders out of our sub-committee members as well as to work closely with our Business- Interest Groups (IGs) and the 9 other constituent clubs of the P10. Afterall, TP is one big family!♥
I would want my committee to plan events which bond Business school students together. To the extend that they would say " I am a proud student of Temasek Business School"

Of course, we hope to win the golden covenanted BEST SCHOOL award given out during Week Zero. 8th Times, here we go!!! (:I would like to thank the previous main committee for all that they have taught me as well as for the unforgettable memories, which we share together.

3. Do you have anything else to add?

To my 14 main committee members, please bear with me for the times that I may be a perfectionist in doing work but that's because I believe that our students we are representing deserves it and I refuse to settle for anything less than what I know we’re all capable of achieving together as 1 committee.

It’s going to be a tough year ahead, but as one main committee, we’ll stay strong and we will get there. Since it's a journey all 15 of us has to go through, let's make it a good and memorable one!

Special Thanks to
words can't describe my appreciation and gratitude for you guys, but you guys really made my day & night

My fellow Maincomms AY10/11, those who were at tauhuey: For changing my life just because of that 1 night, I made a decision to run for elections - Woah, that is a night I will always remb for life!

STANLEY: For willingly helping me do up/design my posters from scratch, only with the one&only picture I had. Thanks for not complaining thro I think I 'demanded' alot and wanted everything to be more or less perfect. hahaha! Really appreciated your help ALOT!

SHI HUA, SOPHIA, STANLEY, CJ & HUIQI: For helping Melody, Boon How & I with cool and creative ideas on hanging and designing our posters & banners. You guys really rock big time! You showed me how a family works and help each other out. Really leh, without you all staying back at night and toning in school for us, nothing could be done!

CURLY: For fetching Melody & I to Rocher Tau Huey + Your advices.

CURLY, MENGCHOU, PRESLEY, FARHAN J, RAMBERT, CHESTER (The Guys): For staying in school thru the nights to help us to think of poster design/campaign ideas. Marketing Diploma FTW!

PROJECT CLIQUE (YuXiu, Andrea, Esther, Sebastian) + Zaxe: For helping me to hang my proudest flower-ed banner with such a creative out of the box way of hanging! YES like some wedding planner company!
Without you guys, no banner no posters high up there, no me.

ZHIJUN: Thanks for accompanying me & mel the whole afternoon to hand in our nomination forms and for helping me write name & details on the card to take picture for the voting system. Yes, it's funny man! Everyone must be thinking I have some hand disease that I can't write so I have to get you to do it, but cause my handwriting sucks and your's is damn nice please. I think I really tio hand disease sia! haha! Thanks for accompanying me to chop my pretty pink stickers as well! Lastly, thanks for your ZAI support throughout this whole elections journey. I LOVE YOU MRS NICHKHUN JIE/SAO! (:

SKELTO FRESHIES: You guys are huge morale support to me! You guys are always so cheerful when seeing me, and it totally makes my day just to see your smiles. Thanks for the 'jiayous' you have given me esp during election voting period.

RACHEL: For always advertising on Twitter for Me & Boon How. haha! Thanks Girl!<3

JOANNE: For 'advertising' freely for me even during CCN Day when campaigning haven't even started! haha

VIRINA: For being there for me thru this period. You understand best since you are also running for elections, for HSSSC that is.

FIONN: For the SMSes and that night's phone call, which made both of us set our minds on running EVEN MORE. You are the best person I can relate to since we are both on the same boat, just diff clubs (:

*Disclaimer: Whoever I miss out, please tell me! It doesn't mean you didn't make an impact or as much of an impact, is just that I sincerly forgot okay, I'm sorry in advance anyone!


Thank You!
From the bottom of my heart


So... as per BSC MainComm Tradition, we went back to BSC room, had an official handover 'ceremony'. Ex-Maincomms talked to us. New maincomm talked among ourselves.



Look at the spread we had! LOL alot of food right? (:
We were super hungry by the time we reached there... Already 11pm~


Another tradition we have is... new maincomm members from HTM have to serve the entire comm SOUP. So yes, one more tradition is ZICHAR have to order SOUP...




See, in the comm you get guys like that...




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