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General Elections 2011

From my previous post, I already said that I am Pro-PAP. It was Nicole Seah BUZZ that made me take a look at the opposition party & got me interested in the whole WOOHA of this GE2011. Wow, Amazing! So who's side am I on? Well. It depends on the people in the party. I mean, the party doesn't change, but the people in it does.

I learnt that we cannot A.S.S.U.M.E & take things for granted.
No doubt, PAP has done a great job governing our country, at least we don't get major attacks and we are still rather safe right... However, we can't assume that since PAP has been good, so it will be good FOREVER. Cause if you think so, then you are WRONG. Obviously, I'm not saying that it be definitely be bad BUT that there is a 'risk' that it will deprove as the years go by.

"There's nothing wrong with Christ & with Christianity, but it's the Christians that show a bad example so people do not want to accept Christ." Likewise, no matter which party we are talking about be it WP, NSP or PAP, there's nothing wrong with it, but it's the people factor from a particular party, that the public choose to vote for. There's nothing wrong with the parties, but you see, there are something wrong with SOME ministers.

Really, Nicole Seah once said why she has great respect for Opposition Leader. Because he loves Singapore. I think that's the point. Look at our ministers now, how many of them really love Singapore & sincerely want to serve Singapore or is everything just a facade? Only they can answer that, & even if they do answer that, how many of us would believe them? THINK.

Alot of times when things go wrong. Opposition will Fight. PAP .........(fill in the blanks) Why? Because they are the official government & need a good image. The world is so realistic. They treat their supporters much better just because they support PAP. How about the people who oppose them?

People say Oppositions have nothing better to do and are opposing for the sake of opposing. But hello, if you are so good then why give others opportunity or loophole to oppose? There's really nothing wrong about our current government, it's just that sometimes it's good to have opposition people in parliament, to help keep check and balances, to speak up for us.

I worry for the future, sorta. The next 5 years is quite crucial. Because it's the period of what I call 'Rise of Generation X' thus, these are the people who are rebellious enough to vote for the opposition. I don't know what they are thinking sometimes. But no matter what, it's still this sentence 'It's not the party that matters, but the humans that make up the party'.

So vote wisely, Singapore.


Fake_PMLee #SGelections polling station - a place you can confirm that there are only Singaporeans. #DoubleConfirm.Retweeted by you
Rather funny, don't you think!


1. Cause it's NOT like WE ARE OR I AM running for elections

2. Whoever gets elected in my region, like machiam no impact/difference leh. Look at my Pre-GE 2011 post, in the past 5years, I don't see any major changes in my region. Was there? Someone please enlighten me. I only know that Mr Charles of Joo Chiat Area promised to give my housing area a better transport system cause he took it and he himself said it was SLOW. Yes, so SLOW. Please Mr, do something about it.


Firstly, the election results Announcer.

Mr Yah Ah Mee, Returning Officer Extraordinaire

He is like some unprofessional newsreader - Seems to be reading from some screen but SHORTSIGHTED! DAMN! I think I have something against him: You know why he speak so slowly? I think cause he is paid by per min/per hour basis.

I found many funny pictures of him online, just for gags!

Seondly, the Voters.

I heard this on TV. Forgot which area.
1000 rejected votes? WTH, seriously!
Gosh, is it SO difficult to mark an X in a box? Or marking 2 X is easier than just an X? I don't get these people. Can u imagine YOU WALK ALL THE WAY THERE TO VOTE THEN U GO REJECT. Really, this is what I call voting for the sake of voting. Oh no, wrong my bad. More like, not even voting. Waste your time sia! -.-

Thirdly, the Actual Results.

MY REGION! (Yes, through I don't stay at Joo Chiat-.-|||)
PAP Won.

By 1%. WOW! -.- Kinda lame. Can you imagine, 1%! What's this man!
Anyways, Reginia told me the night before that if Mr Charles win, he will make transport in this estate better. He better do so! I'm waiting......... Oh Please, don't let me wait 5 more years hor, by then, I can vote already & you know the results... So do something significant okay, Mr Charles! Jiu Kao Ni Le!!!


5mins before the results was announced, I tweeted this:
If Nicole Seah wins, I will take up the PSC Scholarship & run for elections 5years later. Vote for me.
Sad to say, as much as I supported her, I knew she wouldn't win... This is Singapore, PAP afterall folks!

But to my surprise, just based on that tweet, I got many FUNNY & SURPRISING responses!
Let me share with you guys!!!


OKAY THIS IS IT. THIS IS THE PLAN. I'm gonna run, be elected and make parliament PINK instead of WHITE. Awesome-.-

@zhijunoovabby @samankaylee & her flag will be of hello kitty! HAHAHAHA


This picture is exactly how I felt, sorta...
Photo Courtesy from: Fan of Mr Yah's FB Group

So, everyone! TADA!!!
TIN PEI LING IS AN OFFICIAL MP NOW. My immediate reaction to it was: WOW KATE SPADE CAN HAVE SALE ANOT? I want buy bag & wallet leh!

They say behind every successful man stands a woman. If SM Goh wins, it is definitely not because of Tin Pei Ling. #sgelections

TO END THIS OF: Tin Pei Ling AND Nicole Seah. Both of you are my inspirations.
Good way, Bad way, who cares... you got me interested in Politics!

Low Thia Kiang has ousted George Yeo as mayor of Aljunied GRC on foursquare. (via @iAltair) #sgelections #sgedu
OFFICIAL RESULT. WP wins Aljunied GRC. PAP 59,732. WP 72,165. Spoilt 1,788. #sgelections

I'm not sad tt WP won for Aljunied. The team is promising. But it's a great loss for Spore that Mr George is out of parliament. BYE GEORGE YEO. Everything happens for a reason. Run for Presidency!

On a happier note, my initial reaction was: So now, Ms Sylvia Lim from Temasek Poly won. Do we by any chance get an impromtu holiday on Monday? :) *heee grins*

So proud of my own TP lecturer! Through she doesn't teach me, never taught me nor will ever teach me (I think!) but still.......
RT @GeneChristian: RT @pollierollie: Even TP people in Parliament. That's how happening TP is yo. LOL JUST SAYING.#fuckyeahTP !!!

Here you go, Singapore.
You voted, You decided!

Final GE2011 Results

Poly students are students too. Please let our transport fares be the same as the JC kids. Thanks.

Whichever party wins, please ah! Poly students bus/train fares, SAME like JC students hor!

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