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I WANT A BOYFRIEND: ‘Forever’ I'll say... 我爱你爱你爱你

Went to Plaza Singapura to watch this movie premier, with Alina.
Melody JieJie did makeup for me before that... for fun -.- HAHA!

So which movie is it this time round?


The film is the second Singaporean-Context film by Wee Li Lin (黃理菱) and produced by Silvia Wong. It stars Taiwan's Morning Mo (莫子儀), Singapore theatre actress Joanna Dong (董姿彥).

Since she became a flower girl at the age of eight, JOEY has been in love with the idea of finding that special man and being his bride. So much so that she got a job as a video consultant at the Wedding Education Department (W.E.D.). There, Joey shares the art of getting and marrying a man, through her romantic 'faux' wedding videos, which are screened to young singles all over Singapore. But the idea of fantasy and reality are blurred as Joey falls madly in love with GIN, a handsome music teacher from Taiwan. They appear together as bride and groom in a landmark W.E.D video that will serve as a prelude to their upcoming nuptials.

But soon her bubble is burst. A beautiful girl, CECILIA, claims to be Gin's real fiancée while Gin claims that his affection for her was strictly for the video. Not letting her childhood dream go, Joey pursues Gin to make him see that she is his true bride as she sees his true heart. As her work mates, family and Gin begin to find out who she really is, will Joey's relentless drive to restore the happiness and joy she once knew also be her ultimate failing and undoing?


Although it's categorised under 'Romantic Comedy' sub-genre, I thought it more to be a not too funny movie, considering the movie shows how desperate the woman yearning for love thus making her so delusional and
scheming. In fact, I was rather lost halfway through the movie because I didn't know how she eventually turned psycho.

Joanna Dong plays Joey, a high flying executive in matchmaking agency, Wedding Education Department (WED), of which one of her task was to film a marriage propaganda video clip to encourage the public to find the right partner and get married. She acted as the bride and Gln (Mo Tzu Yi) acted as her groom in the national advertisement. Through the video, her feelings were strongly attached to him and so begins the story of a 假戏真作.

She starts to get obsessed with him and find his inside outs, living in the delusion that he is really her husband-to-be. For example, she harbors and day-dreams about him proposing to her, etc (Like the below scene)


I find it cute that they call each other "Groomie" or "Bridey", which to me, adds on to the 'AWWW so sweet part'. The main crux of the movie is when audiences see that Joey finds out Gin is engaged to Cecilia (Sarah Ng). It was really funny when she tells Gin's music students that she is his fiance & they go like 'Oh, you are Cecilia?' WOW. It was a 'slap in your face' kinda answer! :/ So as one can imagine, it's just another story of how these 2 woman go crazy fighting over one man, the one man that they both love!

I like the change in mood and expression of Joanna, from playing that sweet lady who truly believes in love to that 'stare that can kill' look when she was fighting. It was a role that seemed easy, but in actual fact, it's quite hard to grasps. She was naturally dramatic in how she creepily snatches Gin just with the sole motive of wanting him for herself. Like from a critic, I agree "D
ong proves her versatility as well in lending her vocals for the songs featured in the film."

It's a confusing film, but good to watch if you need some mind-bobbling romance storyline!

‘Forever’ 我爱你爱你爱你 will be opening in Singapore cinemas on March 3 2011!


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