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Forever & always, a child of God. Through this cozy little virtual haven, I hope each post inspires at least someone out there with my life stories.

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What happens 2years later in TP?...


2 years ago, in Year 2009, I just graudated from CHIJ Katong Convent. I attended TP's Open House, and was brought around by 1 of the B-Guides at Business school.
1 year ago, I was a B-Guide at the TP Open House. Brought many parents & potential students around Business school and explained the course choices to them.

This year, I 'upgraded' & became one of the organisers of TP Open House, as a BSC MainComm! Not just a B-Guide! Basically, we watch over them. *Somehow I prefer being a B-Guide, can walk around instead of stay put and just watch them and do nothing...*

+ one of the poster girls for my course, Diploma in Business! YAY! (:


How time plans, Open House has been one of BSC's more signature annual event. I never expect myself to do this, like from a noobie walking into Business school feeling so ever intimidated by the rahrah cheers at Biz school entrance, to a pro of Business school. I close my eyes also can walk in Business school + I can explain the courses and life in TP to you already!




Then there were course-related publicity stunts. Jia Jun & I being one of their 'by-products'. JOIN MASS COMM! 'Cos CMM's got TALENT!' (: Really, HAHA!

Of course, there were diploma advisement rooms, where students & teachers are situated at to sell & promote their course!!!


Overall, however, I felt that this year's Open House didn't have much 'FEEL' compared to previous 2 years. It wasn't THAT big, besides the fact that I was stuck in Business school cause I had to watch over my B-Guides. On the last day, I did walk around to sense the Open House spirit, in the pt of view of a Sec-sch leaver. & honestly, walking into TP, I would have thought I'm at the wrong place, wrong time, wrong date or something, cause it didn't look like an Open House.

I guess it's because of the atmosphere and decorations. Oh, & cause this year our school's management say cannot cheer. Apparently, they say we will scare them off... TSK! TP students do other things maybe cannot make it(oei!), but jiu shi cheering number 1 seh! I 100% guarantee you that! So this year not cheering like so awkward!!!
Honestly, cheering brings up spirits mood whatever... the unity and togetherness in us as 1 whole Business school, as well.

Cheering was the thing that made me not dare to walk into TP because I find they very intimidating, haha but let me tell you, it's also the thing which made me feel very welcomed, very at home.

After 3 days of Open House, maincomms had debrief cum HTHT session. A more mild trash talk, I would say. (At the back of bizpark, whatthehell right? HAHA!) Kinda ended up appreciating each other. Thank God for that! Conclusion, we need to be more family and bond with each other more! (: Tears of joy and everything. Cause we were so tight that we just cried. Tears flow down like instantly. I was trying hard not to, but I see everyone cry, you will just end up crying also. I love my maincomms!

This picture was taken when everyone was 'Rainbow after the Rain'. HAHA. Good picture for memories sake!

I secretly wanna visit other school's open house, act like a freshie noob all over again. I think I will be more noob than when I was really Sec 4 and still am interested in all the diff courses offered. Well, I had a direction at least.

Sometimes, I really wonder what would my life be, if I didn't go to TP. And also, what if I choose TP but another course. I think if I set up a poly next time (Highly impossible), I would have a course which studies a combi of 5 diplomas in the 3year duration! hahaha Jack of all trades, Master in none or maybe 1? HAHA. Cool right, I'll be so happy!

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