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Went to OLD SCHOOL, TIMBRE for Reginia's Birthday Celebration.
Must be 18 to be allowed in, so we followed the rules (heh! For fun nia!) & decided to go there for her birthday celebration, since she's the last member of our clique to turn 18! Ironically, she's the tallest! DAMN! haha


My 1st time there as well. Took a cab up with Virina. The cab driver was screwed up max!

The atmosphere was good cause it was cooling and all, but I prefered it to be aircon! haha
We sat at the corner so we were not so soaked into the whole pubbing outdoors atmosphere, thus I can't comment! :/

Love the effects, don't you? (:



This is TIMBRE's famous SKINNY PIZZA range!
And, their most popular, all-time favourite - Skinny Duck Pizza!

Everyone's talking abt it so I got to try it man!
Trust me, it was really good!^^ Very different type of pizza flavour(:
So interesting! The duck was thick and soft, easy to bite. Melts in your mouth!
Okay, but I felt as through I was eating Peking duck wrapped with egg skin in those typical chinese restaurant. It's the same sauce, just that this one's baked in the oven. So the dark sweet sauce sort of became the cheese...






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