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Movie Review: 'Megamind 3D Premiers'

Went for Megamind 3D Premiers last night with my fellow blogger clique! (:

Met new people whom can 'click' very well with, like as if we have known each other for ages, haha! That's good right? :>

Anyways, met them @ Plaza Singapura before heading towards to The Cathay. Upon reaching, we dressed up (We were supposed to dress up as a SUPERHERO in conjunction to the movie theme being superheros - I'll tell you what we dressed up as...) before taking the escalators up to the 6th floor for the official meet and greet session and ticket collection. We were greeted by this (As seen below) ...

So, we collected our tickets and did the norms of taking pictures with the awesome backdrops, etc

They told us to come dressed up according to the Movie - Superhero Themed, for the movie premier. I felt that it's a cool idea to do so...
See, not only can we openly dress up as such characters in public without anyone giving us weird stares, it adds on to the event's 'feel' which hypes us up!





I remember how back in Pri/Sec school during the PPG craze, we used to tease the guys CURRYPUFF BOYS. Epic! :/

The place was really crowded! & then you start seeing the different costumes people wear... and after a while, you will spot very cute and nice costumes walking in.

Besides the 3 of us, there were: Super Mario, Super W, Super Girl, Santa, Deathnote characters "L" and "Misa".

Some that caught my attention was the Super Mario (Christine)! Woah, Totally look like right!

Yup, these are pictures with th press and many other group photos...

Interviews and Videos, one after another.

Even the kids were involved!
Well, afterall it's a kid event right...


I can't stand the fact that he's bald and blue, and that he totally doesn't look like a superhero let alone look good, but I must say he does look unusually cute!

A picture with the main character, Megamind!

PPG with the news reporter!

And, more random shots with the favourite people ...
(Left) Mint, (Right) Ying Zi

Yup and in the midst of everything else, we saw Xia Xue, the Blogging Queen. Stopped to take a picture with the friendly her (:


Proceeded in for our movies...

The movie theater was ultra big! It's like a palace view from the moment we stepped in. Really loved the atmosphere! Okay, since it was a 3D movie (Y), we took our 3D glasses before finding our seats. We were seated right in front and it was shiokness, well to me at least! The 3D effects seemed closer to us (:

Ying Zi and I were commenting how the screen looked so grand, like as if we were watching a concert at the Esplanade!

The Megamind character came in to join us as well (:
Caught a view of him!

I felt super embarrassed to take pic in the theater with FLASH ON!
But ohwells, I did it anyways! Sorry guys, if it caused you any uneasiness. I doubt so! :/ haha!

I was like, eh can take picture anot uh? Then they were like 'DUH can la. You are at a Bloggers' Event leh' Then I went like OMG YA YA! That's one of the perks. Taking picture in a theater when you are not supposed to (?)!

OUR Awesome 3D glasses!

Don't you think that we looked like a bunch of blind people watching the movie! haha!


No doubt, it's a me-thing that I will take off my 3D Specs just to see what it's like in the non-3D version! I'm sure many of you did the same as well! It was very double-image and blur without the 3D specs. That's how a 3D movie is like I guess!

Anyways, THIS in particular(!), is a MUST-WATCH IN 3D VERSION!
It is recommended to watch it in 3D as the whole feel of the movie is different: Looks more real and you would feel as if you were part of the movie!

& of course, several scenes were well impacted, especially during fights & explosions.

The Aftermath of the Movie Premier:

Good movie to watch!

(Left) PPG w Super William (Right) New friends: Elson, Shanice & Joseph

Decided to go down to EVE BAR with Yong Wei to support Mint in her workplace + since I always hear them talking abt it but haven't been there before. BTW, she's singing every Monday at Eve Bar & she sings really well! (: So anyone who wanna go down next time just to chill out, go there k! Located on the 2nd floor of a unit in Arab Street, it's very comfy (They just have to throw in some cushions and sofa to make it perfect hide out)

That's me at home!

I love my outfit!
I miss my 2 other girls: Blossom & Buttercup!


Director: Tom McGrath
Genre: Animated
Cast: Will Ferrell, Tina Fey, Jonah Hill, Brad Pitt

Synopsis: After super-villain Megamind (Ferrell) kills his good-guy nemesis, Metro Man (Pitt), he becomes bored since there is no one left to fight. He sets out to create a new foe, Titan (Hill) to fight against him. Out of a twisted fate he "accidentally" turns Roxanne's geeky cameraman Hal (Jonah Hill) into the new hero, and tries to train him to be a superhero like Metro Man.
However, instead of using his powers for good, Titan sets out to destroy the world, positioning Megamind to save the day for the first time in his life.

Movie Review:

After watching the movie, I felt that it is a twist and turn kind of cliché movie plot. No doubt the scriptwriter attempts to include unpredictable ‘cartoon’ scenes, but the ending was still quite predictable.

For example, the cliché part would be the good guy getting the girl he loves and living happily ever after, but the unusual part would be audience won’t expect the villain to turn into a good guy, let alone saving the world. There was much interesting confusion between the constant reversals of character by Megamind’s ‘Magic Watch’. Especially, during the fighting scenes when Megamind turned himself into the fish and the Metro Man.

The movie despite being 3D ‘Cartoon’, dealt with many clear themes such as love, grief, regret, revenge, loss, learning to let go etc, which touch the heart. Indeed, I could sense those themes above (Afterall, they are all pretty intertwined), but if the script focuses more on bringing out just a few major themes, it would be better.

The happy narration beginning of the movie (I honestly thought the two babies would be best friends, from what was narrated) which unexpectedly turned into a feud between the two, sparked off the climax moment when Megamind "accidentally kills” Metro Man.

Because Megamind kidnaps Roxanne & Metro Man went all out to save her.
(As shown in the picture below)

He felt like he owned the world and he literally did because he proceeded to take over Metro City. However, after a while, he lost his meaning of life – To be evil, as he doesn’t have a target to fight anymore. So, although he had all the fame and fortune at the back of his hands, we can see that ‘lost’ side of him. This small scene already left me thinking… Is fame and fortune or meaning of life more important? Well to me, you got to know your meaning of life and what you are doing before fame and fortune.

Then, Megamind comes up with a brilliant plan of creating a hero as his new foe, for him to fight against.

Little did he know that, Titan and he fell for the same girl. So Titan turns evil not as planned, and used his new power against Metro City and Roxanne, who keeps rejecting his romance invitation. After seeing all the evil happenings and also wanting to win Roxanne’s heart, Megamind decides to do good, which even surprises his fish friend. Eventually he succeeded in ‘defusing’ the ‘Titan potion’ and saves the world. He gets the best of two worlds – Being Metro City’s new hero and also winning Roxanne’s heart, which was his purpose of turning good.
The voiceovers were very well done – Suits the image of the characters.

Overall, "Megamind" is suitable for children and those young at heart. Another good laugh-off cartoon, I would say.

It wasn’t the best cartoon movie, but it’s good enough to satisfy my expectations!

Thanks Bloggers! (:


Here's the Trailer for all you folks!

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