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Hair Salon Review: SALON VIM

I was complaining about I wanna try a new and lighter-brown type of hair colour fading off (Plus the black ends on the top are quite obvious already!) and how my hair is very dry, so I decided to try SALON VIM for a fresh tone of colour, after seeing many blogger reviews about the salon. OMG and I think it's God's will as well(?) Cause while packing my room, I saw this 20% off voucher for SALON VIM (All of Salons, super coincidental!) so yeah, confirmed that I should try it. Well afterall, no harm trying something new from the salon I always go to right (Sometimes, it becomes too cliche-ish and trying something new would do you better).

I made an appointment on the Saturday afternoon. Their receptionists are very friendly and I won't feel intimidated on and off the phone. On the day itself, I was late for half an hour despite postponing my appointment to 1 hr later already :( However, no one called to rush me which I am thankful for. Felt really guilty, but upon my arrival they treated me quite well still (:

There was this lady who led me to a seat and immediately placed many copies of Magazines on the table infront of me. She then asked what beverage I wanted. I had a cup of tea with those magazines. Shortly after, a stylist, Luis, came up to me and asked what I wanted to do. After explaining to him my 'problem' about wanting to try dyeing a lighter tone of brown colour, he proposed some opinions to me based on what I wanted and after I asked him 'What he thinks suits me best'... Well, I know nuts about it so I said 'I trust you, do whatever you think is nice!'

Finally, we mutually decided on LIGHT BROWN (Shade 12, one of the lighter-golden colours) I like the results! Show you guys later k!

Luis told his apprentice to do everything for me because it's quite simple... Yeah, what a job!
Anyways, I sat there waiting for damn long :( Got a bit moody and bored.

After the dye was done, we proceeded to wash the hair. After that, this guy (His apprentice) recommended that I do a HAIR TREATMENT because my hair was really too dry. I agreed! (:

This is their latest treatment package.
I paid S$75 for it!

The thing turned RED before turning BLUE, indicating that it's done! (:

Halfway through my treatments, the staff were nice to get me some snacks! YAY!

I happily ate it. Cause I sat there from 1.30-5pm okay! OMG so longgg! :(


Luis gave me BIG pretty princess curls which I really love!

The lightings were abit different, see me in real life. Does much justice!

This me ME back HOME:)

Total bill amounted to $191. Quite expensive but worth the money!

313 @ Somerset #04-07/08/09

p.s All products used during the process of the coloring, treatment etc is Loreal! :)


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