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“Who would you like Charlie St. Cloud (Zac Efron) to choose – his brother or the girl he likes? And why?”


On first thought, I remembered this phrase 'Blood is thicker than Water'. Siblings are fated but the girl he likes is by choice. When we were young, our parents always tell us to stand by siblings over outsiders because after all, you are a family.

However, if you think of it long term,
I would like Charlie St. Cloud to be with the girl he likes.

One could like many girls or many girls could like him. But, how many of us can find THE ONE who loves you as much as you love him or her. True love happens very expectedly and it is something we cannot plan for. As much as he has already promised his brother, the girl of his dreams appearing in his life (perhaps just a little too late?) is something he didn't expect as well. Thus, I'm sure his brother would understand and give his blessings to him as well. After all, he has to lead his own life and cannot always live in the shadows of the promise he made.

It all boils down to heart motive. Sometimes, we can't have the best of both worlds. We got to choose one over another. To me, as long as he is sincere about the promise he made, he should be able to choose otherwise if he really has to. And in this case, choosing the girl he likes, because his ultimate choice determines his future.



This is a different genre of movie showing him being more matured, and stepping out of being 'Troy' in the High School Musical series.

Well to me, the
genre, actor and plot are essentials I consider before deciding if I wanna watch a movie. Once I saw this movie's poster (+ the trailer I just watched!), I immediately ticked my checklist and tada, I'm not gonna think twice anymore!

Why think twice about watching it when the movies compromises of such a hot guy and good plot?

Catch Zac Efron in his new romantic movie Charlie St. Cloud, opening in cinemas September 30!


Thanks to Nuffnang, I won a pair of ticket invitation to the movie screening!

Director: Burr Steers

Screenplay: Craig Pearce, Lewis Clark

Producer: Marc Platt

Cast: Zac Efron, Amanda Crew, Donal Logue, Ray Liotta, Kim Basinger

Charlie St.Cloud,

played by Zac Efron, is a guy everyone would want to be. Good looks, great talent in sailing which won him a scholarship to Stanford and a supportive family, what more could you ask for? However, good things never last long. As expected in any movies, Charlie's life changed after his fatal drive, killing his younger brother, Sam. Feeling really guilty and losing somewhat meaning in life, Charlie remembers and keeps to his promise of meeting Sam in the woods every day at the same time without fail to practice baseball. That to me, seems like the only 'connection' between the brothers, so that they will always remember each other whether dead or alive.

The screen then shows 'Five years later' and things in Charlie's life have never changed much since his brother's death. Well, only that he gave up his scholarship and is now working in the cemetery in memorandum of his brother. The sacrifices he makes are significant, so much so that he has to stay in his hometown in order to makes sure he gets to the woods to meet his brother everyday. In a way, to the alive or those who doesn't know his past, one could say he is pretty much 'stupid' - Anyone could tell it's tying him down because he practically goes to the woods and talks to himself. In the movie, it's this girl Tess, who he falls in love with, who points that fact out to him and tries to get him out of living in his shadows. This is when the crux of the story falls into place: Charlie finds himself needing to make a decision to honour his promise with the dead or move on with the alive.

After watching the movie, I felt that it's a smart plot but one which made me confused at times as well. The twists and turns of the plot such as Charlie talking to Tess (but she already went missing) and the other imaginary characters left me with many question marks. I could only watch on before understanding what exactly is happening. So, I felt that everything in this movie happens for a reason. Every event that happens is a springboard, just to enable us to understand the next turn of event. For example, at the cemetery when he was talking to his friend/the injured Tess, we learn that he can see the deceased before they cross over. Also, he met the paramedic who saved his life and tells him to find the meaning of being given a second chance of life. This is crucial because it led to Charlie determined (He knows he has been given a second chance to save Tess) and also knowing where (He spoke to her at the graveyard) to find Tess when she went missing.

There are just too many mixed themes in this movie, such as love, horror, grief, sufferings, success, learning to let go etc. However, I felt that it's very much a 'Touch & Go' thing which wasn't fully explored. Indeed, I could sense those themes above (Afterall, they are all pretty intertwined), but if the script focuses more on bringing out just a few major themes, it would be better.

Honestly, it tampered with my emotions a little too much: There was the sweet touching scenes between Charlie and Tess, anxiety scenes, sad scenes, etc. The Irony - What a great view of the sea, lighthouse and pretty things to look at, the contrast is in the not-too-pretty, incredibly sad emotions portrayed. I feel very sad for the characters in the movie especially at how many times Charlie has to get hurt by the 'deaths' of the 2 people he loves most. Of course, thankfully, he managed to save the girl of his dreams. The parts I cringed in my seat was when he saved Tess in the icy cold water. On one hand, I was fearful that Charlie may just die in the waters with her, on the other hand, when we managed to find her and hugged her to keep her warm increasing the chances of her survival, that selfless act of his simply up the sweetness level in their love.

Mentioning emotions, it really got me thinking. 2 words: WHY ME? God gave him a second chance in life, so why him. This strongly tugged my heart and mind when I was watching. I question myself, all so many people, why God chose made me or why did Jesus even died for me on the cross. What's my meaning in life? What's my purpose in life?

Zac Efron performed well, out of his comfort zone - It's very different from my impression of him in the teenage saga 'High School Musical'. Although I'm very glad it's a happy ending because the lovers got together, but throughout the course of the movie, it already left me quite sad. I admit I did tear a little and was very touched at some points of the movie. Without logically thinking of the plot, but if you simply want to seat back and relax in the theaters. I would recommend you to watch it because I walked out of the cinema feeling very enlightened. However, if you can't stand sad movies or will feel too emotional over a movie, then Charlie St. Cloud is not the movie for you.

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