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Gong Ta's 71st Birthday @ Swissotel Merchant Court ; Ellenborough Market Café (International & Peranakan Buffet)

Have heard many good reviews about this buffet for quite some time. Apparently, Ellenborough Market Cafe was awarded Singapore Top Restaurants in Year 2008.

Tonight, I finally went to try it out & give it a personal verdict.
Through we made reservations, it wasn't as crowded as I expected it to be.

Honestly, I felt very overdress that night. When I heard Hotel, I thought of it to be much more GRAND so I dressed up. Okay, not really the 'Wedding' kinda of dress up, but still, at least not shorts & shirt. Upon reaching, I didn't like the atmosphere of the dining place at all. It didn't feel like a hotel, it felt more like a peranakan museum. Too warm, noisy, no music, no ambience!
For a moment, I thought to myself, I should have wore causally and I could enjoy the food much more! :/

Celebrated my Grandfather's 71st Birthday at this Restaurant (Titled)

The Interiors:

They have many types counters for different types of food, ranging from Peranakan, Seafood, Chinese Cuisine to Desserts (Read on & I'll show you what's their famous dish!)

Seafood Counter

The seafood was very fresh, but the variety of spread is quite limited. Oysters, Prawns, that's basically it. Not even lobster or crab! Not that I love it but it adds to the variety, doesn't it?

Sashimi & Sushi

Like what the above wrote, yes, Sashimi - Salmon Raw Fish. But ONLY Sashimi. I didn't see any Sushi.

Chinese Cuisine

There were quite a lot of food on the table, but I don't know if it's just me or whatsoever, I didn't touch the Chinese food at all, besides the pepper crayfish, which was super awesome!

Peranakan Food

It was quite a limited selection, I must say. It didn't bring out the true-blue Peranakan feel when I saw the variety of food. Nevertheless, being quite a fan of Peranakan cuisine, I enjoyed them.


I was most impressed with the desserts (I took 2 portions of it, look below!). The spread of desserts were generous. Plus, they keep topping them up & keep having new things up on the buffet table, which surprises me every time I go back to get more of a same type of dessert. Yes, I would be really tempted to try the new thing! haha!

Here you go!

I started my food tour with a mixture of the Peranakan & Chinese food. Took 2 different plates for them respectively!

Started on my eating endeavorer...

Black Pepper Crayfish

See! How I mixed the Jap Soba Noodles with Mushrooms & placed them nicely in the Kueh Pa Ti (: I feel very creative, PLUS it tasted really good okay. Afterall, as I have always said, all nice things go together will turn out nice...

Took a break from all the food! I think I had enough? Someone once told me, there's always room for dessert. I totally agree, don't you?

Time for Desserts!

I'm quite a fan of Desserts, not too much on the Chocolate & definetely anti-cream, but Fruits & all things colourful! Besides, it's always good for the camera!

That's just my 1st plate of desserts!

Chocolate Fondue, but not the highlight YET!

Step 1: Place fruits/marshmellows on a stick! Make sure they stay there TIGHT!

Step 2: Dip them into the Chocolate Fondue!

Step 3: All set to eat them up!

Look! I have my Chocolate Fondue stick, UP FOR GRABS!!!

The other desserts they serve there...


Made of pure durian...

Honestly, I don't think the appearance is very appealing. If it wasn't the fact that people tell me it supposed to be their famous dish, I won't bother trying. Because, I'm not a fan of Durians...

Everyone who dines there definitely will have at least a scoop of this! I eat durian but as I have said above, I'm not a fan of durian. Nevertheless, I tried it & I think it's quite nice! It's a rather refreshing taste... something that won't leave you with the 'Heaty' feeling (:

The other forms of Durian...

Durian Puffs

It's very delicious. I ate more of this than that scoop of Durian - Because it's really small & cute. Easy to pop it into my mouth. Especially, when it's eaten COLD, it was really nice.

Durian Swiss Roll

Now, that's the 2nd plate!

Walking around the place to digest the food...
So we started to take some pictures at the pretty interiors and also, at Clarke Quay areas.

Went to REBEL to check it out!

Walked back to the food place & took more pictures.

Also, to cut cake as a form of celebration for my Grandfather's Birthday!

Service-Wise, I would say the waiters and waitress were not professional. The waiter asked how many people there were because he needed to count the Bill. I had to count it thrice to make sure I was right. At the back of my mind, I was thinking 'Can't he count? Hello! I pay GST & SERVICE CHARGE for a reason okay!' But I still counted & smiled while telling him the amount of people. I think I make a better waitress. What he should have done instead was to count the number of people himself then CONFIRM with me.

To its defense, the service saved itself, because practically their entire CREW of waiter and waitress came around to sing the Birthday song for my Grandfather along with my family, making us feel more 'Welcomed' at the Cafe.

Check out this carrot cake!
What amazing creations - It has the shape of a real carrot!

My lovely darlings!

So we spam pictures because we were really bored after dinner!



Overall, I wouldn't really go back to this place if I really want to indulge in some good food. No doubt their food is fresh and I enjoyed myself. But, for the price and the variety of food, nah, it doesn't suit my taste buds. I love their desserts combined together, but seperate them out, I can find better ones individually elsewhere. It may just be my personal preferences, so I reckon you guys try it out yourself and give it a verdict!

Ellenborough Market Café, G/F Swissôtel Merchant Court, Singapore, 20 Merchant Rd.
Phone: 6239-1848

Opening Hours:
Daily 6:30-10:30am, noon-2:30pm, 6:30-10pm; Sat-Sun 3:30-5:30pm

Area: River Valley
Nearest MRT: Clarke Quay
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