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Beach Culture @ Watercross

Just when you thought bars, pubs & clubs could only be found in central areas, this little baby surprises you IN THE MIDDLE OF PASIR RIS PARK.

A chillout bar in the middle of a park? You got to be kidding!
No, I'm not.

Set in the middle of practically nowhere, it's a good relaxing place if you just want to be with nature. It felt like a diamond among the jewels or rather, the rose among the throns. Literally, since around the area we were greeted with plants grass and all those greens)

A GEM, you could say.

We started by ordering drinks!
fyi, HAPPY HOUR IS IN THE HOUSE TILL 8pm every night!

So, have some drinks before the food comes, or at least, ORDER before 8pm and get that good deal! (:

We tried 2 bottles of red wine. The first one was a little too rough, I prefer the smoother ones. So the next one, the house wine, which was recommended came, much more expensive but much smoother and nicer.

The servers were very approachable and treat you like their friend -Recommending their best dishes and wines. Good experience for people like me who simply likes trying out new food!

Well, you get what you pay for right?
Yes I don't drink alcohol, I drink wine! It's way better!

Another thing I love about Beach Culture is their fresh and affordable food served.
I love the dory fish especially. It's FRESH! It's a MUST-TRY for fish lovers!

I would totally go back for it man!

(L-R) Casear Salad, Tiger King Prawns, Seafood Spaghetti, Pan-Fried Dory w Pepper Sauce

The food were tasty and fresh. I wasn't very hungry that day but omg, I ate alot!

Started to camwhore while talking big talks...

While I was taking pictures, there were music to my eyes. There was a Filipino LIVE band playing some music to accompany our dining experience. Although I'm not a huge fan of Music, and definitely NOT Filipino band music, but it sure added to the mood and atmosphere because it was really quiet besides the talking going on.

Oh yes, I cut my fringe just now when I was out w Virina!
I swear never to go back to that place anymore. It's the Jap place inside Isetan Tampines.
WTH!!! Seriously. Waste my TIME & $$$! + service sucks!

I thought the place was really nice.

In fact, it's a good place for events birthdays or even for a beach wedding. Okay, not your typical kind of green glass on the sands kinda wedding.. those you see in movies, but it's close enough! Just take out the American-Style & do it the Singapore Way! I don't think it's gonna be that costly as well since it's not in town nor anywhere near town.

Perhaps, it may be too small to accommodate too many people because the area is quite small afterall. And also, it's quite deserted so you got to drive to be able to locate that place well. Or else, one would find himself lost in the dark if it's your first-time there!

The total bill was at least 200 but I find that it's worth my bucks, because of the quality & quantity of the F&B + Music + Atmosphere! I would go back if I have the chance to!

Serving as a chill out place ,we provide a base for the urban working class executives to connect with local and international business people in the evening. Beach Culture @ WATERCROSS transforms itself into a vibrant trendy nu-cool venue with an unrivalled atmosphere enhanced by cold beers, colourful cocktails, high quality food and good music by the beachfront .

The menu was designed and launched by the Chef Owner themselves , overlapping flavours and textures from around the world and creating a fresh and modern twist

So whether you choose to join us just for a few drinks with friends, dine outdoors under blue skies or balmy evenings, maybe your preference is to enjoy our comfortable air conditioned dining area, whatever your pleasure Beach Culture @ WATERCROSS is your must be seen at destination.

Beach Culture @ Watercross
131 Pasir Ris Road , Pasir Ris Beach Park Carpark E , (S) 519148

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