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*P.S when God was blessing others with the gift of height, He left me out realizing that great things come in tiny packages, so instead I am gifted with endless energy and a big wide smile to get through difficult times.

Forever & always, a child of God. Through this cozy little virtual haven, I hope each post inspires at least someone out there with my life stories.

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Always heard from my friends how convenient it is to go JB.
During our studying sessions, Mel & Zaxe wanted to go over to JB on the weekends, for shopping for awhile. But Darren & I suggested after exams!

So we really went! All of us were so excited & finally the day came!

7th June 2010.

Was raining so heavily & it was so nice to sleep in so we overslept!
Prepared stuffs & went to Darren's house then went to Tampines tgt to meet Melody.

That's Melody's breakfast. So cute!

They have a 'Good Morning' message, haha!

Took 168 to Woodlands Interchange

Journey took about 45mins or so. Almost slept in the bus.

Melody was already sleeping

Met Zaxe at Woodlands Interchange
Thank God for her! She knows JB & Woodlands so well (:

Took bus 911 to the Singapore Customs

Stopped by to the money changer!

Walked to the customs! Excited!

Took bus 950 to JB Customs

The trip is way faster than from Tampines to Woodlands. Omg!


On the way there, we filled in the arrival cards! yay!

Reached the JB arrival hall. Omg, it looks so much better than Singapore's!

Cute passport right? (: heh!

Finally stepping into JB ! (:


Moving forward, we started at CITY SQUARE PLAZA!

Their bubble tea is RM1.80. Like S$0.90. That's freaking cheap.

We decided on Lunch at this western food place, called 'VIVO'.
Apprantely, it's famous in JB.

Darren's Mushroom Soup.
We tried it & you know, it's quite bland! :(
But okay, it taste like it's those packaged mushroom soup -.-

Zaxe & Melody's Spag! Looks goood! Smelt good! (:

Didn't try it cause I don't like carrots :(

Darren's set came with garlic bread too!

That's my sausages & mashed potatoes.

The sausages were awesome! Was really biggg but tasty!

The mashed potatoes were super bland. I had a hard time finishing them.

Then the rest of them helped me eat by tasting it, verdict: It sucks!

Walked around the shopping plaza & I saw this!
Super excited:) Wanted a pic with it!

Looks like those in London!

Went to buy stuffs at Watsons (Which was having a great SALE on top of the fact that most of the things in RM was already cheaping than S$) followed by going into shops like Face Shop & Body Shop & Etude House (Shown below)


Look like those cute doll house right! I'm a happy kiddd!

Then we went for ICE-CREAM when we saw Baskin Robbins!

I love the ice-cream there, but I was too full so I just watched them eat (;

Zaxe & Melody's Bubblegum Flavour!

Darren's New York Cheesecake Flavour!

Took the bus, all th way down to JUSCO

It was a really long journey. All of us SLEPT in the bus. Woke up, damn dizzy!

Reached there, walked around, looking for yellow hoodies for BSC AGM. lols.
Failed attempt :(

JUSCO's quite boring!

So... Eat again!
@ Waffle Place. Looks goood!

I drank the guava juice, which was really nice ! (:

& the waffles, so many flavours! (:

Took a cab from JUSCO to PELANGI PLAZA for Secret Recipe & to meet Zhi Jun & Jonathan (Cause they were there for church camp) (:

Secret Recipe: Really damn worthed it!

Darren & I took the coffee set, Mel & Zaxe took the tea set!

The cakes were really goood. I enjoyed my apple cheese cake! :D


While waiting for the foood, we camwhored!

Our set lunches!

Walked ard & there's nth much.
Verdict: We won't go back to those 2 places anymore. But, Thank God, at least we've been there so now we know! (:

Cabbed back to CITY SQUARE, cause it's near the customs.
But, we didn't want to go back so soon, so decided to walk ard the shopping mall. heh!
Thank God, we DID!

We saw this thing, & it became our souvenir! LOVE IT TTM!

Personalization Process...

While waiting for it, we walked ard.

Melody said 'MaryBrown's seats were swings'. We didn't believe & went to take a look. Indeed, they were!

Decided to go for more shopping.

WHAT A 'CUTE' BAG! hahaha! I saw it & I started laughing.

Worth a photo!

Darren bought his shoes! Like finally.

Nice right? (:

Mel, Zaxe & I bought slippers. I love my slippers! (;

While they were settling the bill, Melody & I went off for awhile. Then, something 'JILAT' happened at the stairs! But ohwells, I won't blog about it ***

They assumed we were at the toilet, so we sorta met Zaxe & Darren there afterthat.

Told them th story & they were freaked out. Like wth! haha

Anyways, he was nice to already help us carry everything! YAY!(:
Ended the tour! (:

Went to collect our things. So pretty, right! (:

Getting back to Singapore!

End of the JB trip!

Once we step foot back in S'pore where there's proper reception, reality sets in.
Everything needs us. Everything needs to be done. Felt like we went to space for 12hours and back down on Earth forever.

Awesome Trip = Awesome Company, Experience, Food & not so awesome but still a good shopping end!
Thanks Zaxe for bringing us there & the great company of Darren, Melody & Zaxe. Let's go there for our dear retreat once more ♥

Love e experience & of course, our really last-min buys! Esp, the keychain! (:





  1. I TOTALLY LAUGHED AT THE JILAT PART AGAIN!!!!!! AWESOME POST! Cause there's alot of me!
    Malaysia again REAL SOON! :)
    Next time round I promise it'll be more fun and rewarding! Hehehe!


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