Hi there! I’m Samantha,

and this space encompasses my personal milestones made beautiful in His time. Combining my flair for easy-to-read writing and my love for photography, here you'll find me sharing the thing I'm most passionate about - travel, food, fashion and my conversations with God.

*P.S when God was blessing others with the gift of height, He left me out realizing that great things come in tiny packages, so instead I am gifted with endless energy and a big wide smile to get through difficult times.

Forever & always, a child of God. Through this cozy little virtual haven, I hope each post inspires at least someone out there with my life stories.

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Amidst the Busyness...

Been a long time since I officially blogged about my personal life!
Elections period's over. Then came project submissions. Just when you think everything's really over..... However, midsem tests are next week. WOW.
Just when I can start to take a breath, everything is going up-paced again. :(

Met up w Virina as & when we have common breaks.
Nice company :)
I LIKE! (;

Moving on to, weekly Tuesday lunches with my 2 loves:)
Bistro FTW(for the WEEK. haha caught ya!)

Too stress already! Now, I even snacked on chocolate bars. I don't use to do that. TSKTSKTSK!
Shiokkking good through!

School has been fine, can see I haven't been blogging very regularly cause there are afew impt posts:) However, I still take pictures quite frequently!

Still had normal meal times.

Random dinner at Crystal Jade @ PP!

Good Food!

Weekend Shopping Trips, went shopping alone. Just myself & I.
Bought lunch over to my Aunt's shop to makan ;)
I love this Saturday lunch!

Sam's Comfort Food!

I submitted my *SCAPE Phrase 2, Thanks to Alina for some video help, putting my ideas tgt and all. Was at her place until 1am the night before!

All the best to me & the rest!

Subject Selection

I have Yu Xiu & Esther w me :) Nicola, Michelle, Zhijun choose that too!

I know it's tough & it's damn stressful... NEVERTHELESS, I can't wait for Sem 2.2, the only reason why I chose BSG & suffered so much through maths and everything else in Yr 1 + Yr 2.1. CAN'T WAIT! THIS IS SO EXCITING!

Plus, I'm going on a CANADA cum USA Tour in end Aug :) Even more shiok! Yup, it's exam period but just go la! Take it as a break & thank god I didn't sign up for any SYOG stuffs or else I'll be stuck in Singapore. See, GOD has a plan for me!

Did Nails
Opposite school. Virina recommended me. Now it's our fortnightly nails place! The lady there is damn nice to talk to, like friend only! :) So yuppp! :)

'Offline' Service
Filming ended :) Had a fun time doing so.
The service production went well.
I'm glad!


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