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Singapore Radio Awards 2010

Singapore Radio Awards 2010

The Awards Night

Wed, 17 March, 8pm.

“MediaCorp honoured the best of its radio personalities and creative talents in a night of glitz, glamour and entertainment.

The occasion was the 7th Singapore Radio Awards 2010 last night.

A total of 24 awards were presented.

The people who rule the airwaves from MediaCorp's stable of 12 stations came in their evening best - to celebrate their work and achievements in one of the most anticipated events in the broadcasting industry.

Three new categories were introduced - Best Radio Show, Best Dressed Radio Personality, and Best Radio Personality Blog.”

Adapted From:

Attended Singapore Radio Awards 2010 last night, with Jane.
It’s my 1st time at Singapore Radio Awards, but the studio is the same as the PSS & CSS stage.

Thanks Pearlyn for waiting for us at Recep to pass me the tickets through we were late! I mean we were late but the show hasn’t started so technically we were not late. Okay, actually it was a blessing in disguise.
Cause by the time we arrived, they was no queue already so YAY! Just when we thank god that we didn’t have to queue to register, another blessing came along.
We didn’t have to queue to get in as well. Priority tickets are still the best! Whoo! YAY!

Ushered to our seats, then we camwhored around while waiting for the show to begin at 8pm.
I’m super glad that they allowed cameras! (:

I guess.. it’s a private event that’s why.
See, I’m not the only one!

We settled in!


Show started at 8pm.

Witnessed ALL the DJs from ALL the various station regardless of language or stations, walk down the stairs of the stage. So GLAM!

Opening Ceremony done by Florence.

haha, She's really funny with Shan & Rozz accompanying her.
"DJs really are much taller nowadays"...

Adam Lambert was supposed to perform!
But, he had a flight to catch. So we were only treated to a video of him talking (:
Yup, but we had dance performances to compliment. Really goood!

There were 7 categories of awards to be given out that night.

1) Most Creative Radio Trailer

2) Best Dressed Radio Personality
Yup, yet another good one.
She's pretty! haha!

3) Best Radio Personality Blog
Rozz won, she's really good. I'm glad she won! haha!

YES, the MUTTONS did an awesome job trying to RAHRAH & entertain the crowd.
They were seriously awesome with their jokes and way of speaking, of course, 'suaning' Jack Neo & Tiger Woods, saying the ahems unknown film director *We all know who!* -.- HAHA!

More performances in between by Singapore Idol Season 1 Winner, Taufik Batisah
Great vocals, as usual

4) Radio Personality of the Year

5) Best Radio Show

6) Lifetime Achievement Award
In his clip, he said his Dad signed up everything for him, & he just got into the showbiz industry... JUST LIKE THAT! haha. Yup, but it's really his passion. Thank God for him in the DJ industry, I'm sure he contributed a lot.

Hey, it's 30 years, not 3years!

Performance by Italian crooner Patrizio Buanne & singer-songwriters Rico Blanco and Alarice.
They wow-ed the audience with their big vocals which melts one's heart!

I was WOW-ed by her vocals!
Really Good.
She sang: Sunday Afternoon & Midnight Train!
Besides that, she's an awesome singer WITH an awesome personality!
She's like the next Olivia Ong/Corrine May.

7) Most Popular Radio Personality

Ending performance by American Idol Season 7 finalist, Jason Castro

Closing Ceremony

Took some pictures at our seats!

With Glenn & Chong Qing

With Lilian
Her hair is fake! Don't worry!
She's really friendly! HAHA!

With Irene Ang
She was like 'Can, 1 picture S$5'. Jane was like 'Sure. S$10 also can'
Okay Irene, send the bill to us! Joking!

With Alarice
Why I say she's super friendly is because she got us to go watch her performances/chill-out, this Saturday at Bellini Room, St. James Power Station & she took the initiative to ask about us, handshakes & even our names. How many artiste would do that, right

Okay, I'm not paid to say this, but besides her personality, her songs are really good too.
Let me help to promote:

Sunday Afternoon

Midnight Train

Walking around as usual...

Waited for Jane's Dad to come.
Dropped me off at the Busstop opposite Mediacorp.
Supposed to take bus to Eunos MRT (The only bus that goes to the EAST)
Bus 93 was just infront of us when he dropped me, but I didn't know what bus to take so I was checking the board .. & by the time I realised it's actually Bus 93, I turned my head IMMEDIATELY, but the bus was leaving alr -.-

Wanted to sms IRIS to check what time the next 93 comes.
BUT... Best part, my phone was deactivated!:((( Can't call nor sms!
Cause I port over from starhub to singtel, then they deactivate the starhub line, so I was stranded in the middle of some busstop on a highway with no communication! Freak. Managed to get on a bus that brings me to Toa Payoh Interchange.

At the interchange, it was 11.40pm already. Most of the last bus there was 11.30. DAMN.
Wanted to train but I think by the time I get to CITIHALL to change, I would have missed the last train, & get stuck at CITIHALL -.- Even if I cabbed back, got midnight charge alr... So reject that idea! haha!

Thank God(!) through, there was this BUS 28, that goes to Kemb MRT, that leaves at 12AM.
Oh & thanks to this woman for lending me her hp to call home(:
No HP sucks! :(

So... I went to buy Supper from MACS 1st then come back for the BUS.

Blessing is that Bus 28 is like 15mins to Kemb MRT only! (:
*It's just his way of showing me there's another faster way to go home*
Cause I was questioning GOD like 'OMG, why Bus 93 left!!!'




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