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*P.S when God was blessing others with the gift of height, He left me out realizing that great things come in tiny packages, so instead I am gifted with endless energy and a big wide smile to get through difficult times.

Forever & always, a child of God. Through this cozy little virtual haven, I hope each post inspires at least someone out there with my life stories.

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The club where afew of us set up.
It's sorta a legacy we have in KC:)))
But, I don't want the club to be set up just for us then doesn't help the juniors at all.

Honestly Speaking,
... Chairing the club, was never easy.
Really thank god for the maincomm/exco(s), just the 3 of us were awesomeee.

Thank God for Alina being the VP, and for being the stricter one who scolds people cause I don't (I will just say my piece but won't shout) so really thru the years, thanks girl, for helping me out in this area thro I know it comes natural to you! Oh, and talking to all the teachers. Lucky, you are okay with it manxxx! Oh, and then updating me with stuffs. Like what I said during the debrefing 'CCA is a place you make close friends' and you added in 'Yeah, Sam & I were NEVER in the same class before, but yet, we are close friends till now'. XIEXIE! ((:

Thank God for Reginia being the TREASURER. For always being the realistic one, and always having crazy ideas! haha! Reality checks sometimes do come in handy, especially, I'm one who always think so far then *(Ahems, not even there yet pls)! Yup, you are very easy to work with too, through you are not the outspoken type, but yeah you have been such a great help! & TAKING CARE OF $$$ was never and never-will-be my thing. I can't count accounts for nuts! So luckily, you are the treasurer or else I sure lost it ! haha! ((:

Really thank god for the club people, for letting our legacy not die! haha!
Current main-comms, jiu kao ni men le! hahas!:D

BASICALLY, OUR TEACHER INVITED US BACK (Cause she was impressed with what we did for orientation last yr) & CARRIED OUT AMAZING RACE FOR THE JUNIORS! YAYYY! Glad to see some familiar faces and everything.

Some parts of the intro was rather screwed cause they don't want to be split into different grps, all want to be with their friends, and they took their sweet time. So Alina & I became damn pissed and we went 'Okays, we have all the time in the world. You all want to take your time, go ahead, we will just wait lor.. anyways, we end school alr, we have all the time to wait for you. So it's up to you' -_-||| GL TTM! lols! Flared up already man!

Then, station games started. Of course, they are still young, not as HIGH as jc/poly people. Then I was trying to make them high of course... But still not up to our standards la! haha. Nvm(;

Anyways after everything ended, it was my favourite part, DEBRIEFING! Alina asked me to do debrief. I was damn pek chey alr, so I just say 'Don't want.. You debrief them la. I no mood alr'... Then in the end, go into the room, I saw their faces, then I just sat infront on a chair. Then Alina started by asking them 'So who wants to go JC/POLY? Do you know you have orientations no matter where you go to? So you must learn how to ......' Then somehow I dunno what struck me, BUT, I just started my long speech. I gave them an intro to those who wanna go poly which was the majority. I was saying how high TP is and open house and everything. Then I went thru the games and everything... morals behind it, to start the club on a new note, and things like that. Afterall, it's just once they are seeing me and I hope whatever I said will be memorable to them la. Basically, I took 20mins? I just went on & on... I have no idea why also. But, quite shiokkk, I love debriefings man! haha! Then Alina gave her JC side and stuffs like that:)

The entire thing ended on a good note, I'm just glad I was able to 'lead' them once again! & I HOPE they are able to be exposed to competitions and everything! Your seniors, US, will always be willing to lend an extra help.
'Once an IJ Girl, Always an IJ Girl'
'You can take a KC-ian out of KC, but you can never take KC out of a KC-ian'

Went parkway w Alina after that.
Short impulsive shopping. (But okay, quite practical!!!)
Bought a top, which I think I can wear for CNY unless I got chance to buy nicer ones:)

Macs for TWISTER FRIES :) Ate while walking, can't stand seating downnn!
Met Dad at BERRYLITE then we went for dinner at the Jap Restaurant.

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