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In the day, I work with brands and deal with comms strategy. Adhoc, wedding planner and happiness maker. 24/7, creative juicer behind the bakery I run – Temptations Cakes. Forever & always, a child of God. Through this cozy little virtual haven, I hope each post inspires at least someone out there with my life stories.

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I'm so happy I'm officially done with my second year at University and that also marks the start of SUMMER  holidays! Can't be more happy than anyone else, freedom to do the things I love and to focus on everything else except school (for now). Many summer plans ahead, I can't even imagine the exciting things I'll be doing the places I'll be travelling to. Heh, well, with the holidays, that also means I will be able to spend more time blogging. I love blogging so much because I get to pour our my emotional and spiritual thoughts as well as literally share life with people who bother spending time reading my blogposts.

Anyways, thus far, I've travelled to Hong Kong the day right after ending my exams, had a great time there and yes I just got back from SG, could finally settle some stuffs, before heading off to Japan tomorrow. My love for travelling never fails, I love exploring and soaking myself in a new city new culture, with the exception of hopefully not getting (too lost).

Meanwhile,  I've got an awesome news to share!
I Love Blogshop Asia Premium Badge

I'm officially going to be part of the Resident Blogging Team for Blogshop Asia!
"whoever said shopping was boring just don't know where to shop"

Basically, gonna be an exclusive endorsed fashion lifestyle blogger for this website, which has once again hit its highest record of more than 1 million clicks and ranked TOP 4 in Yahoo and Google search engine under 'Blogshop'. Most of us who love blogshopping have probably heard of what it's all about, but for those who haven't, well, Blogshop Asia is a Blogshop Online Shopping Directory specially caters to Blogshop Entrepreneurs, Shoppers and Readers.

For Blogshoppers; There are so many blogshops out there, which one to click right! :/ So with Blogshop Asia, it's like a ONE-STOP place for your blogshopping needs/wants/desires. They offer a range of information from beauty information, fashion chats, lifestyle gossips, entertainment news, product reviews to online shopping experiences.

For Blogshop Entrepreneurs; Blogshop Asia acts as a directory platform for all Blogshops to help you gain and increase exposure to the internet community. Unlike other Blogshop directories, this website is integrated together with the objective to be a Social Network for Blogshops, providing convenient connectivity between customers and Blogshops. This interactive nature of their business concept provides both buyers and sellers with a platform for constant communication as well as initiating business deals. 

Till date, Blogshop Asia has accumulated a total database of more than 10,000 Blogshops worth of varieties from Fashion Appeals, Fashion Accessories, Toys, Gadgets and etc as well as more than 30,000 registered members. It has also received more than 10,000 LIKES and members in our Facebook Page and Account. Blogshop Asia has achieved the success of gaining a readership numbering in the thousands, as well as receiving more than a million hits a month. Moreover, it has a rich history in organising, joint collaboration and taking part in events to promote the branding of Blogshop Asia via various prominent events. Blogshop Asia's goal is to progress towards being the premier consultation hub for Blogshop aspiring entrepreneurs, as well as to advise and help new Blogshops on their pathway to being a successful entrepreneur.  

With so many fashion brands out there, I'm really excited for what's in stored for us in terms of reviewing blogshop products, and helping to improve their branding! I admit I'm def no fashionista nor popular fashion icon on social media, but I believe fashion is up to self and should not be limited by other people's opinions of your style. Thus moving forward, lets just await the next big thing!


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